4 types of women and men regret when they arrive

Not every pair of marriages can be happy, nor is it true that all couples can be considered to have lived a lifetime after marriage. Every day in our lives, some people will be in a split position. The biggest complaint to the other half when breaking up is “Reading the wrong person”, although there are only four words in this sentence, the evaluation of one person can be said to include all of them thoroughly. Today, we will talk about the four types of women who regret when they find a man. The degree of not giving a man a man’s face is definitely more than your imagination. No matter how you reprimand the other person at home, you can’t get used to it, but in front of outsiders, especially in front of his friends and relatives, women must give a man a face, not Let the man have any embarrassment. If you go home and say that he is not good, he will not be dissatisfied with you, because in front of outsiders, you give him a face. Women who neglect sex life and neglect sex life, men have reached the heart of a certain death, these women do not love to bathe before making love, the body’s odor is completely ignored, and even do not use double insurance condom to protect their consciousness, Such a woman, a man had to have 10,000 complaints in his heart. Some male netizens said that he hated the other half when he was thinking about the story of the Korean drama. He always urged himself to end the intercourse. Woman, the house is the happiness of two people, why bother to let it come to the routine? A woman who is not filial to her parents and who is not filial to her parents, a man really wants a divorce. This kind of woman not only does not respect the heart of the old man, but even speaks loudly with the old man in life. This kind of behavior, men are the most annoying. Men, expecting their other half can get along with their mother-in-law, so that men are better at being in the middle. Always take the husband and other husbands to compare. This kind of woman who is too strong in comparison is always like to compare his husband with his husband. For example, it is equal to salary and length. This will make men feel uncomfortable, as if they are It’s a waste, and men don’t want their women to praise other men, which makes them very faceless.