Marriage 4 bottom line couples don’t touch

Although we have always advocated transparency between husband and wife, everyone has their own bottom line, and the marriage is the same. If you accidentally touch the bottom line of marriage, it is likely to push the marriage to the brink of collapse. Today, let’s take a look at Xiaobian, the four bottom lines in the marriage, don’t touch the couple. 1. It’s inevitable that there will be some embarrassment in the life of two people who are divorced. If you accidentally come to a quarrel, both of them are angry. It is easy to say that they are irrational. These words seem to be inadvertent, but they will hurt. When you get to each other’s feelings, once the feelings are broken, it is very difficult to repair, for example: divorce. These two words, if not the marriage is really irreversible, these two words can not be said to be exported, if every fight is a divorce, it is easy to give the other party a hint that you are leaving at any time, no Conducive to the maintenance of feelings. 2, separation or long-term asexual life relationship between husband and wife needs sex life to maintain, sexual life to a large extent determines the degree of harmony between husband and wife. Some couples lived asexually, bought a box of relatives to install condoms, and when they expired, they are not used up. Such a relationship will soon collapse. A domestic investigation on the cause of divorce shows that in addition to derailment, The second is the disharmony of sexual life. 3, 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 骂 This is likely to happen once and it will be taken off by the other party. 4, the face of a man who does not give a man a face is his second life. If you have an occasion to attend together, especially in front of his colleagues and friends, you must give a man a face, can not be in public, let the man have no face. For example, some women like to be spoiled, and they don’t care about the occasion. In the process of a male company’s dinner, you pull the other side of the game. In this scene, the man wants to die.