Husband and wife are no longer dreams

Everything is old, it is a good wish that everyone has entered marriage and is ready to enter marriage. It is also prepared for this desire, but the reality of life is not so smooth. What can women do to keep their marriage? ? The maintenance of marriage requires not only the maintenance of laws, children and other external factors, but more importantly the relationship between two people. In other words, the key to a happy marriage is to have perfect love between the two. As the “Love in Love” campaign advertises, perfect love is contradictory, but it is full of romance everywhere, and more importantly, each other has the idea of ​​loving him and giving him sexual blessings. Today, Xiao Bian has prepared 3 treasures for everyone to help your marriage. Baby 1: Chatting and chatting is the best way for both parties to understand each other. The husband and wife talk more about each other, communicate more and communicate more. The most important thing is to talk more and more whispering and telling the other person’s feelings. The power of chat is very large, and almost all contradictions, estrangements, misunderstandings and suspicions in the home can be eliminated. In addition, it can also relieve depression and increase resistance. Chatting three or four times a day, the family is sweet and sweet. Baby 2: Holding hands This is a common thing in love, but there are very few such behaviors after marriage. The contact of the skin can warm the heart, and many of the frivolous family things disappeared when they were held together. Hand in hand is a priceless treasure, holding hands and feelings good; getting up early to go out and holding hands, happy to go forward; go home at night to hold hands, one day tired and worry-free; couples often hold hands under the lights, heart and heart together. My wife and I are walking hand in hand every morning and evening, and we go swimming together every weekend. Baby 3: “Honey Room” and the hustle and bustle of the family is a strong backing, and the core of the harmonious family is that there is a very harmonious, healthy and harmonious sex between husband and wife. Sex should be the first tonic of family harmony and harmony. Marriage life can’t be smooth sailing, and some bumps and contradictions are normal. The contradictions between husband and wife are mostly caused by trivial matters. There are very few intrinsic conflicts. Both sides have larger proportions and are more tolerant. Each step can be solved very well. The above is a small series of methods for the majority of female friends to promote the relationship between husband and wife. Therefore, Xiao Bian also hopes that everyone knows that in fact, “family” should be the ultimate form of marriage. If the husband and wife develop a family relationship, they will never be separated. This is very important!