A magic weapon that makes couples sweeter after marriage

Marriage needs to be managed. As long as you operate properly, what three years of pain, seven years of itching, all are paper tigers, can be solved easily, or even not at all. And the feelings will be more and more sweet. The following small series introduces a few magic weapons that make couples feel sweeter. True love In the long-term marriage life, love is the most important, true love is the most important magic weapon to support the marriage. Couples must love each other and love themselves. How can someone who doesn’t even love themselves want you to love others? And love each other, let the other party feel your love and care. For example, celebrate some anniversaries, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, etc.; recall the good times of love; often send the other party a small gift and so on, so that the other party can feel your love. Love includes not only love but also sex. Sexual life is a solid bond between husband and wife. A harmonious sex life is conducive to the consolidation of feelings between husband and wife. Faith must have a firm belief in marriage. Always tell yourself that this is my lover, the lover who has accompanied me for the rest of my life, and I firmly believe that my choice is right. Adhere to absolute loyalty to your partner, this is the basic guarantee of marriage sweetness. Communication is a bridge of feelings. Couples should communicate more and communicate more to enhance each other’s feelings. Only when they know the ideas of both sides can they make each other closer and closer. And communication is the premise of perfect sex. When the two sides communicate and understand each other, they can better achieve perfect sex. Tolerance to your lover must be tolerant, and neither side should be preoccupied with the principle of dealing with the matter, and the trivial matters should not be too careless. Quarrels must grasp the scale, “small and noisy”, but often the corners of the mouth will definitely affect the marital relationship. When one party is not happy, the other party has to take a nap. Lelo, a well-known brand of both sexes, reminds you that you must leave a private space for the other party. Don’t ask questions about everything. If the other party doesn’t want to talk about things you don’t want to say, don’t ask again. Don’t force the other person to avoid rejection and resentment.