An invisible killer who pushes marriage to destruction

Marriage management can not be done verbally. It requires the cooperation of two people. The waves of emotions and the triviality of life will wipe out the burning of your life. In this case, your marriage wants to continue. What you need is not only to understand tolerance and trust, but also to pay attention to the small details in life. Let’s take a look at it today. 1, spend money unrestrained before marriage in front of the other party is very deliberate to avoid high consumption, and after marriage, the original shape is revealed, this will make the other party stunned at your behavior. Frequently high consumption will give the other person an impression that it is difficult to satisfy you. After all, it is still necessary to live after marriage. If you earn more, this marriage will come to an end sooner or later. Xiao Bian recommended: The wonderful changes in the size of the labia in sex. Why do penis pains occur when you have sex? 2. Almost every holiday you remember before the holiday, and in the life after marriage, there are very few festivals, especially for the other half. Women’s injuries can’t be underestimated. Women are naturally sensuous. They expect each other to remember every holiday. Even if they can’t remember each one, at least the few festivals they want to see each other’s intentions. If you forget the festival again and again, this will make women completely lose hope for you, she will think that you don’t care so much about her, let alone your emotions. 3, sexual life is not harmonious married couples’ sexual disharmony mostly because women do not reach orgasm, which has little to do with feelings, mainly because men do not have a thorough understanding of the definition of perfect sex life. Xiaobian today uses the ideas that gender experts have been advocating to answer for you: perfect sex life is mutual pleasing, together with the assistance of the common orgasm, not only to satisfy themselves, but to satisfy each other. If the other party really understands this definition, then the quality improvement of sex life is just around the corner. 4. Betraying loyalty is the foundation for the continuation of marriage. If there is a betrayal in marriage, then the emotion is a devastating blow. This happens in marriage, and it is almost impossible to continue. Not to mention treating the other person as if it had not happened. The breakdown of feelings is difficult to repair, especially after suffering the betrayal. Guess what you like: Eating contraceptives can cause amenorrhea hormone control woman sexual desire one night stand sex love demonstration emotional story couples emotional fun help more content please pay attention to Feihua health sex channel: Copyright: Ben The copyright of the article belongs to Feihua Health Network, without permission. No natural person or legal person may reproduce or copy in whole or in part in any form. If you want to reprint, you must indicate it from Feihua Health Net!