5 big emotional foundations to build a happy marriage

It’s easy to get married, just a marriage certificate. But if it is a long-lasting marriage, it is not a simple matter. There are many disharmonies in marriage that require us to work together. For example, the harmony of sexual life, the loyalty of two people, and frankness affect the happiness of marriage. So what is the secret of a happy marriage? 1. The consistent loyalty to the other half is the most basic one that marriage can sustain. Just like you open a company, your partner always secretly engages in ghosts, you can’t figure out what the other person is thinking, will you continue to cooperate with him? By the same token, if you lose your loyalty in your marriage, you can say that it is not far from collapse. It is not only the punctuality of the usual dating, but also the “life and death, and the child” said at the time of marriage. Oath. Xiao Bian recommended: The wonderful changes in the size of the labia in sex. Why do penis pains occur when making love? 2. The sharing of family life’s shared marriage is the understanding of the other half. The direct point is also the matter within you. After all, the party that leaves the marriage can not continue to pay, regardless of the size of things to do their best is the sincerity of marriage. Don’t think that you can make a lot of money when you earn more money, but things like housework, work, finance, child care, etc. can all be done together. You can do less, but you can’t do it. 3, frank and honesty between the husband and wife is to ask you not to put the dissatisfaction of the other party in your heart, not to say it, for a long time, when the outbreak, the marriage will collapse more quickly, it is better to euphemistically Tell each other. Being honest with each other, communicating with each other can reduce your friction and deepen understanding of your partner’s needs. 4. Active communication in marriage life will inevitably encounter some unsatisfactory things, emotional ups and downs are inevitable, in the face of bottlenecks Communicate with each other in a timely manner, communication can well resolve this emotional crisis, and you can learn about each other’s inner world. 5, perfect sex life is not everyone is very thorough understanding of the definition of perfect sex life, perfect sex life is not to say how cool your love experience, but the integration of body and mind, not only the physical climax of the body, but also The spiritual fit. This is based on the premise that the two sides communicate with each other and understand. Not just psychologically. Therefore, the husband and wife life must pay more attention to the communication of the mind, rather than blindly climax. Xiao Bian reminds everyone: Two people after marriage must accept each other’s family, including relatives and friends, and care for each other’s family. This will also be of great benefit to your emotional promotion. This is how you love the house and the Ukrainian. Mutual trust and sincerity between husband and wife will make your husband and wife feel sweet forever. Guess what you like: Eating contraceptives can cause amenorrhea to control women’s sexual desire to make love to demonstrate emotional stories, couples, emotional fun, sexual intercourse, more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health and Sexual Channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn Copyright: Ben The copyright of the article belongs to Feihua Health Net. Any natural or legal person may not reprint or copy all or part of it in any form without permission. If you want to reprint, you must indicate it from Feihua Health Net!