The secret to making marriage more beautiful

A husband and wife who do not regard “happiness and long-lasting” as a goal is not a good husband and wife. Marriage life must not be accompanied by an old man. Because marriage needs to have a positive goal, then couples have the motivation to pursue and create. However, many couples have encountered obstacles in the pursuit of a good road and have stopped. In fact, the pursuit of happiness is a secret, to be effective. Don’t discard dating when men and women meet frequently, why do you make up after getting married? Couples also want to date and use it to inject fresh elements into their marriage. For example, watching movies, traveling, shopping, and so on. These most basic and simple things are also romantic and warm, which will make the couple’s feelings more intimate. Xiao Bian recommended: couple sex class remedy boring sex love “marriage defense war” necessary weapons bedside quarrel bed and quarrel is a healthy factor in marriage life, which shows that you have not alienated. But if you often argue or yell and yell to solve the problem, then your marriage may have problems. The correct way to quarrel is: solving the contradiction without destroying the marriage can ultimately be attributed to the choice of dialogue. It is necessary to adhere to the truth of “the bedside quarrels and the end of the bed”. Only in this way will the contradictions be intensified. When the lover’s listener and husband and wife must not lack communication, it is the exchange of feelings, but also the main measure to check the gaps in the marriage life. To authenticate the listener of the lover, accept the confession of the other party with a peaceful and tolerant attitude, and the lover will also give you feedback. Sexual life is the most secret. There is no doubt that sex life is the most effective and most effective way to make a couple love and sweet. Both husband and wife must actively have sex, and on the basis of not affecting health, work and study, strive to expand the content of sexual life, add new elements to it, and make it a source of marital happiness and happiness. Guess what you like: Holidays do not be too tired to sweep off sexual life 4 obstacles oral sex skills sexual intercourse posture to do sex novels one night stand more content please pay attention to Feihua Health Network two sex channels: Copyright: This article The copyright belongs to Feihua Health Net. Any natural person or legal person may not reprint or copy all or part of it in any form without permission. If you want to reprint, you must indicate it from Feihua Health Net!