Couples feel like glue and paint must have 3 points

For the majority of men and women who are entering a marriage, the sweetness of love and the happiness of marriage make us feel that both life and sex are quite perfect. However, as time went by, the familiarity between husband and wife, we felt that the days began to become dull, and sex began to be boring, thus losing interest in this. Xiaobian recommended: The unspoken regular life between husband and wife is the most solid foundation of marriage. However, life is not only about sex, but also trivial things from other aspects, which will upset us. In the face of these bits and pieces, there will be disputes between each other because of some opinions, which will lead to more and more contradictions and more and more disharmony in sexual life. In the long run, it will hurt the couple’s emotions. Then, as a married person, what should we do to keep the marriage fresh, so that the feelings between husband and wife are like glue? Paying attention to your own appearance is often overlooked by people. The instruments we refer to mainly refer to appearance and dressing. Usually, we can do well before marriage or during the wedding. But with each other’s familiarity, after a long period of marital life, the two sides began to ignore their own dress and began to slowly expose their shortcomings. This makes it easy for the other party to lose the freshness and expectation of each other, and it is a huge invisible threat to the harmonious life between husband and wife. When the time is long, it will make the other person bored. Therefore, after marriage, we must pay more attention to the appearance, to be appropriately modified, to show the temperament of the time and the wild and the wild style, and the dressing on the bed can not be sloppy. Adding the taste of life First of all, we have to have a correct understanding of the life of two people and the life of a person. Therefore, after marriage, do not measure the marriage life according to the living conditions and requirements of the single. When two people get along, the mentality is the most important. If two people are getting along, can be cheerful, generous, and able to add some fun to life from time to time, then the two people will get along very well. On the contrary, there will be many problems. For the boring sex life, we have to change the inherent mode to make sex full of passion and fun. For example, changing skills, shifting positions, adding sex toys, etc. There is no layer of constant sex. Just spend a little thought and you can have fun. Familiar with the smell of a partner When men and women admire someone, they tend to be obsessed with the smell of the other person. Therefore, whether it is a man or a woman, it is quite sensitive to the smell of the other party. However, when you are having sex, other odors are likely to destroy the “sex” between them. Therefore, be familiar with the smell between each other after marriage, and don’t let other smells affect your sex life. Doing the above points will make the feelings between husband and wife feel like glue. Marriage requires two people to work together, not unilateral efforts and efforts. Therefore, in the face of the feelings after marriage, we must be more brains, diligent thinking, constantly changing to make the marriage more stable, so that the relationship between husband and wife is deeper. Guess you Like: Marriage keeps the love of the cheats, couples get along with each other to avoid misunderstandings, make love, express emotional stories, couples, emotional, fun, sexual intercourse, more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health and Sexual Channel: Copyright: Copyright of this article It belongs to Feihua Health Net. Any natural person or legal person may not reprint or copy all or part of it in any form without permission. If you want to reprint, you must indicate it from Feihua Health Net!