4 answers make the couple’s life worry free

There is no pleasure in sex life, it seems that too many people have experienced this situation. But we can see from our experience that some people can quickly reverse this situation, and some people are always hovering here. In fact, like our sexual concept, many problems are not as difficult as we think. Once we have found a solution to the problem, a violent sex life may come at any time. Question 1: How do you feel physically and mentally exhausted? Adjust your lifestyle. Give yourself a time to relax, eat well during this time, rest well, and exercise properly. Only when you completely relax, will you get along better with your lover. Xiao Bian recommended: Why do women like fantasy being raped and ridiculous? Fantasy is not popular. Question 2: How is it less happy to lack sexual fantasies? Let yourself be sexually impulsive in a variety of ways. Experts pointed out that many women have never had sexual pleasure and sexual impulses in their lifetime, which is very sad. At the same time, experts suggest that men and women who have no sexual urges can try to look at pornographic books and then sprout their own sexual fantasies and sexual impulses. Question 3: What can I do if I can’t communicate well? Face this bad mood with the other party and resolve it. Couples need to communicate and ask each other’s feelings. If they can’t accept each other’s sexual life, they need to talk out with their loved ones to resolve the negative emotions in their sexual life. Question 4: How do physiological reasons affect sex? Reasonably adjust and control yourself. In the period before or after childbirth, the husband has been unable to engage in sexual activity for several months. Therefore, they need to correctly understand the problem and realize that sexual life is only part of family life. The physical condition of the wife during birth is not suitable for sex. Behavior, as a husband and future father, must be aware of this. Guess what you like: Sexual fantasies don’t overdo it, let men make love for you, sex, one night, love, show, emotional story, couple, emotional, fun, help, more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health and Sexuality Channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn