5 thrust to help couples’ feelings “appreciation”

Applying the phrase “Marriage is the grave of love”, for today’s couples, busyness is the grave of a happy marriage. Busy, fast-paced urban life, coupled with the family and children’s ties, almost let the husband and wife forget the existence of the other side, resulting in a decreasing chance of sexual love between the husband and wife, even if it is getting worse. According to the survey, about 65% of couples complain that the sex life of both husband and wife is unsatisfactory or even bad due to the busy work and life of both parties. Experts pointed out that this situation is mainly caused by long-term work, long-distance commuting, housing too small, parents and children in bed. Xiao Bian recommended: The five ignorant behavioral sexologists who revealed that four kinds of wives are happier after marriage and that the marriage broke down pointed out that increasingly disharmonious sex life will affect the relationship between husband and wife, resulting in “depreciation” of husband and wife. The words will cause the family to burst. In a busy life, it takes both parties to work together to keep their sexes warm. Setting aside a busy life will make you feel that there is almost no time to rest, let alone enjoy sex. In fact, you may wish to make a plan for your life. In the plan of Aki, the time for husband and wife to have sex is reserved, and the time for communication between husband and wife is reserved to maintain the intimacy of the couple. Choosing the right time for sex In general, after a day of work, both sides are already very tired. If you have physical strength after dinner, you can choose to have sex. However, if both sides feel that physical strength is not enough and sexual life is not enough, then it is best to choose sex in the morning. You can also choose Sunday afternoon, when both sides are relaxed and have plenty of sex time. Creating a “two-person world” This is mainly for couples with children, because the existence of children, the communication between husband and wife is subject to many restrictions. Therefore, both husband and wife should create as many opportunities as possible for the “two-person world.” For example, let the child temporarily sleep in another room, or send the child to the grandparents’ home on weekends. Guess what you like: The couple’s life in the mine zone, the couple’s sexual exchange, the restricted area, the one-night stand, the love, the demonstration, the emotional story, the couple’s emotional interest, and more. Please pay attention to the Feihua Health and Sexual Channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn Copyright: This article is copyrighted by Feihua Health Net, without permission. No natural person or legal person may reproduce or copy in whole or in part in any form. If you want to reprint, you must indicate it from Feihua Health Net!