9 states easily lead to rupture of marriage

The purpose of marriage is to enable two people who love each other to live together, but life after marriage cannot be perfect, and many times there will be contradictions. Once the business is not good, the marriage will be broken. The following eight types of marriages are easy to break: 1. Too much attention to romance When two people are in love, they will be more romantic, so I hope that life after marriage can continue to be romantic, but remember that marriage is more about household chores such as rice and oil. If the requirements for marriage life are too high, once they are not realized in real life, frictional conflicts will occur in both cases, which will lead to serious marriage problems. 2, too dependent on any problems in the parents’ marriage should be resolved together with the spouse, rather than asking for help when the problem occurs, once this external force intervention too much will lead to family conflicts, and ultimately lead to marriage breakdown. 3, too pursuit of perfect perfect marriage life is what everyone wants, but to understand that it is not possible, always demanding too much is likely to appear unnecessary friction, over time, that a good marriage relationship will not be easy to maintain. Xiaobian recommended how the husband and wife can please each other after marriage. 4 tricks to make marriage no longer have problems. 4. Too frugal is a good habit, but people always need moderate entertainment. If they are too frugal, they will not allow their spouses to have life. More entertainment or enjoyment, even depriving yourself and your family of some basic needs and fun, psychologically too much to worry about and not knowing the emotional life with your spouse. 5, sentimentality This situation usually occurs in women, they often suspect that they are sick, self-satisfaction, the actual is to want to cause the spouse’s attention and care, the results are often self-defeating, the spouse is troubled. 6, care until the one party is accustomed to the other side of the matter is not very small, occasional inconsistency may lead to contradictions. And if one party pays for a long time without receiving a return, it will also be psychologically unbalanced, causing a rift in feelings. 7, too nitpicking people are perfect, no one can guarantee that everything is correct, if you always pick the wrong place, especially in front of others to criticize any actions and thoughts of the spouse, often the result is that the other party can not stand, away from you . 8. Busy in the business Some people are career mad. There are no holidays and no rest in their lives. This will always make the spouse feel left out. If such a person does not control himself and spend more time with his spouse, even if it is for a career, it will lead to the breakdown of the marriage relationship. 9, sexual life disharmony “sexual welfare survey report” shows that a good sex life makes: 1. 53% of people think they are healthier 2. 51% of people feel good mood 3. 50% of people feel that they are good husbands/good wives 4. 46% feel energetic and more energetic 5. 40% think the pressure is reduced 6. 39% feel that they are more charming 7. 31% I even feel that I can finish my work better. Guess how you like to make love on the chair. Conquer the beauty of sex. Do sex novels. One-night love sex. Demonstrate emotional stories. Please pay attention to the Feihua Health and Sexual Channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn Copyright Notice: The copyright of this article belongs to Feihua Health Net. Any natural person or legal person may not reprint or copy all or part of it in any form without permission. If you want to reprint, you must indicate it from Feihua Health Net!