Husband and wife must abandon the four evils

Both husband and wife want to maintain long-lasting feelings, but this feeling is quite complicated, and may be caused by trivial matters, or contradictions in material life and sexual life. In order to avoid this happening, the couple must abandon the four “bad deeds.” Long-term separation of husband and wife for a long time, if you do not pay attention to communication, it will make the relationship slowly fade, even if you occasionally pick up the phone, do not know what to say. In this way, on the one hand, sexual life is not harmonious, on the other hand, it is easy to cause emotional crisis. Therefore, couples should try to avoid separation. When there is no way, they should keep a phone call every day, exchange the daily life situation, or express their thoughts on each other through online video. I don’t know how to listen to men and women themselves. There are great psychological differences, especially when faced with problems. Men focus on solving problems, and when they face problems, they tend to talk to them and hope to get help from men. It is precisely that some men do not want to listen to women’s talks, seeing this as a woman’s jealousy. Therefore, whenever a woman wants to talk, the man quietly hides and does his own thing, making the woman feel very uncomfortable. Xiao Bian recommended: >>>7 coups to get married couples to love sex>>> Couples life should be correct to each other attitudes goodwill lies sometimes well-intentioned lies for couples, may not be a good thing. Because there is often a lie, using ten lie to round, eventually the problem is getting bigger and bigger like snowballing. When the partner finds that he is being deceived, all the problems must be re-faced, but the misunderstanding is deeper and affects the marital relationship. Therefore, for couples, in the face of differences, try to tell the other party the truth of the problem, get the understanding and understanding of the other party, so honest and relative, will make the relationship deeper. Not taking care of each other’s feelings Nowadays, many couples are only children. They have always lived in the care of their elders, and they have been influenced by the outside world to develop a bad habit of self-centered and disregarding the feelings of others. Living together will inevitably lead to contradictions. At this time, the husband and wife should be tolerant and understanding each other, cultivate common life hobbies, share their experiences, and ignite the passion of life. Guess what you like: Get rid of couple sex dilemma couple sex life peak period oral sex skills sexual intercourse posture sex novels one night stand more content please pay attention to Feihua health network gender channel: