Couples separated for too long, feelings are easy to break

Nowadays, this era is not suitable for advocating the life of “The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl”. The long separation of husband and wife will bring many difficulties to both sides, including difficulties in work and study, difficulties in raising children and supporting the elderly. The most nerve-wracking, naturally, is difficult to share emotionally, especially for young couples, sometimes even causing emotional crisis between husband and wife. In real life, it is not uncommon for husband and wife to separate. The long-term separation of life between the two places is also easy for third parties to provide opportunities for intervening. If the strength is weak, it will easily lead to derailment. >>>How to properly adjust the differences between husband and wife How to resolve the emotional crisis of separation between the two places. Separation between the two places does bring a lot of inconvenience to the husband and wife. When the separation problem cannot be solved temporarily, don’t be too distressed. The husband and wife should encourage each other to overcome the temporary situation. The difficulty must not weaken the pure love because of the separation of the two places. Couples living in two places, when there is temptation outside, must tell the other party that they are married, can not have a little concealment, when the other party is still entangled, should resolutely and decisively refuse the other party’s courtship, absolutely can not be the slightest embarrassment. In order to resist the temptation, you can turn your attention to your career, or recall the good times with your spouse, or try to solve the problem of separation between the two places. You can make the situation in different places through the efforts of organizations and society. The couple moved together to live. For more details, please pay attention to the Feihua Health Network’s gender channel: