How to adjust the unreasonable events between husband and wife

There are too few couples who can fully co-shoot. Don’t believe in the “natural pair” in the TV drama, which is the product of idealization. In reality, couples always have uncoordinated time, and they are more likely to be involved in personal hobbies and work. To do this, use the correct method to make adjustments. “Small wins and wins new marriage” Ning Xin’s rule of the family is inaction, the two are busy, and the life circle is not too big. Ning Xin was initially afraid that the kite would break the line? In fact, the more careful, the more the battles are. Instead, they are let go and they are more intimate. Now Ning Xin and her husband are going to have a weekend couple, one often goes out, one goes out early and late, and the two often can’t touch each other. However, every little difference has left them with a heart of thought, and it is love for Jin Jian who is inaction. Tip: This trick is only suitable for self-disciplined and loved ones. If it is used by people with different feelings, it can be used as a shield. >>>How to discuss sexuality with a husband after marriage: “When you are not married, Lulu most appreciates that Da Feng is active. He has many friends and is very communicative. It is difficult to stop in his spare time. Lulu feels like this life. It is colorful enough. After the marriage, Lulu can’t stand it! He has nothing to go out to the party to open a party, and the family has a lot of work for Lulu! Lulu is a little bit, Da Feng is very impatient, saying that when a woman gets married, she becomes . Lulu has a heart, you play and I also play! Meet with classmates, go shopping, climb the mountain. Da Feng found that Lulu was crazy than he was, and often went home to find people. He quickly rushed to the Three Chapters: Afterwards, everyone can only go out and relax once a week! Tip: Good medicine is bitter, the other party does not necessarily love to eat. Simply give him a “poison”, the effect will be immediately apparent! The use of “Yang Feng Yin violation” Da Li’s wife is a famous knife mouth, tofu heart, do not seek to advance Da Li is hate iron is not steel. Da Li has been willing to be a small staff member for seven or eight years, but he has his own philosophy. His life is only a few decades, so what is the hard work of drilling? In the face of the number of his wife, Da Li has all agreed on the surface, and still secretly, Anyway, you can’t supervise 24 hours a day, let you count two sentences. Tip: The set of the surface is behind you, you really have nothing to do with him! In fact, the difference is not enough, life can not be too true. For more details, please pay attention to the Feihua Health Network’s gender channel: