Couples need a reasonable division of life

Sexual life in couples is a very important relief in marriage. If sexual life is not harmonious, the emotions of two people will be directly affected. However, in sexual life, both husband and wife need to have a clear division of roles. This role is not mandatory, but it must be acceptable to both parties and well integrated into sexual life. Therefore, couples must have a reasonable division of labor in their sexual life. Some couples are accustomed to the division of roles, and some husbands believe that they should be responsible for their sexual needs. Therefore, “Whenever she asks, I will satisfy her and never refuse her.” Some husbands think that Sex is determined by a man. As long as he is happy, his wife will be satisfied and he will not consider the mood and physical condition of both parties. This is the result of excessive restrictions and constraints on the division of roles. In fact, the role of sex in life should have a certain division of labor, but not excessively limited. What is important is mutual understanding and respect. We must work hard to mobilize our sexual initiative and explore each other’s sexual potential. Through honest communication, understand each other’s sexually sensitive areas, suitable postures, foreplay methods and other factors, try to make both sides The sexual needs are consistent. >>>How to discuss sex with a husband after marriage? Although the sexual needs of both parties are consistent, sexual life will have certain regularity, but it is not constant. It is accompanied by the emotions of both sides, sexual desire, and body. Changes in conditions, environmental conditions, etc., there should be a regulatory mechanism to achieve an appropriate balance between the satisfaction of both parties. Generally speaking, when the husband is young, the wife can cool down the superheated sexual reaction by changing the environment and distracting; while the wife needs her husband to talk about love when she is young, and often hugs her sexual reaction and raises her temperature. The “sexual pulse” to achieve harmony in sexual life. For more details, please pay attention to the Feihua Health Network’s gender channel: