Emotional school: good faith lies to fuel the flame of love

Lies are shameful, perfect love only needs a sweet vow, and lies can only destroy and ruin the flame of love. But there are some love lie that will not only destroy the happy love, but also make the love flame more and more popular. Goodwill lies one: “I don’t mind if you look at beautiful women” Many girls in love are the most taboo boyfriends to see other women, especially beautiful women. Once his eyes are “smuggled”, she will be jealous. However, the men in the world are all lascivious. Sometimes, the more you don’t let him see, the more he can’t help but aim at it. Love needs to be “unblocked”. Boyfriends appear to peek. It is better to say a insincere lie: “I don’t mind if you look at other women.” Then you can learn his exaggerated posture and scan the handsome guys around the clock. He will also converge on the behavior of watching beautiful women. Goodwill lie 2: “Your family is very good.” Love will develop to a certain extent and you will see your elders. When you meet for the first time, many people will be “white-eyed” by their elders and even contradict their elders. Most men don’t know the truth, thinking that you can get along very well. In the face of this situation, girls must “bear the burden of humiliation”, do not say after his boyfriend’s home door that his mother does not like you or hostile feelings, not to try to convince him. I should tell him sincerely that you like spending time with his family. Don’t be in conflict with your boyfriend’s family, or your feelings may be cracked, because no man will be safe to take home a woman who can’t get along with her family. Goodwill lies three: “Your friends are really interesting” Most men have many friends, and they like to meet together every other time. After you fall in love, you are naturally brought into his friends. Of course, you won’t like his friends, and some people will make you very annoying. Goodwill lie four: “You are right” Men generally do not compete with women in small things, but sometimes they also make a temper. The outstanding performance always likes to argue when you talk to you, and you must always have a high score. Of course, if you are high, he will definitely not stop. He will even suddenly increase the volume on the road, and try to keep up with you for a worthwhile question. At this moment, it is obviously stupid to raise the volume and his tit-for-tat. It is better to give him a little face and say “good, you are right.” Goodwill lies five: “I help you clean up the mess” The biggest characteristic of men is lazy, they always want to get the care of a gentle and virtuous girl, so you must show your thoughtfulness and make a very sensible look :” Let me help you pack things up.” Then he will help him clean the tableware and make a lot of love for housework. This way men will feel the warmth of the family and miss you more when you are away. Goodwill lie six: “I don’t mind how much money you have.” If your boyfriend is ashamed, don’t blow him, let alone force him to do things that he can’t do. If he complains to you, he can’t give you more. Good material life, you must also tell him seriously that you fall in love with him, not his purse. You choose him because you think he is a potential stock, you believe he will have something to do. Anyway, you have to make a beautiful lie: “I don’t mind how much money you have. (Text / Small Bad) Copyright: The copyright of this article belongs to Feihua Health Net. Any natural person or legal person may not reprint or copy all or part of it in any form without permission.