You love to get a deep sleep position to explain

Someone once said that the feelings between husband and wife can be seen from the same bed posture of two people. How deep you love to get to the bottom, you can show it through your sleeping position on your bed. Please take a look at the following couples’ sleeping postures to see which one you belong to? A. Couples sleep back to back B. Couples sleep together or touch the face and sleep C. Husband’s face is attached to his wife’s Sleeping on the back D. Wife is holding her husband from the back and sleeping. The answer is: Select A. Select this item to show that both husband and wife have stronger personality. When a conflict occurs, no one will let anyone. It is easy for two people in the long run. The feelings of the cracks. Therefore, the husband and wife should actively communicate and be honest. When quarreling, find a step for the other party, the marriage of two people will be more and more happy. Select B to choose this item, indicating that the two of you are often self-centered, and often quarrelsome for some trivial things, and finally they are bothered and tired. Therefore, in life, you should face the reality, reduce the requirements of each other, look at the advantages of each other, and find the joy of life.