Couples need to clean up emotional trash regularly

Panyu and her husband have been married for ten years. In this decade of marriage, the husband and wife are sweet and sweet. At a party, many friends “learned” them. They told their friends a coup to maintain a marriage relationship: regularly clean up emotional junk. After listening to my friends, I suddenly realized. Think about whether you often accumulate some emotional junk in your married life, which leads to conflicts between husband and wife. Let’s take a look at the trick to clean up emotional junk. Do not argue for a woman’s “mouth is wrong” Many people know a law: When a woman says “when”, the heart is actually saying “yes”. Therefore, men must be good at grasping this kind of psychology of women. For example, when she “squeezes” you on a certain occasion, she is often just to improve her status and self-confidence, but also to “over-addict”. Therefore, don’t quarrel with this woman. Men are a little more generous, just like a smile. To say that his dissatisfaction is a woman, there is always a housework that can’t be done. Sometimes, when you wash clothes, cook, and dump garbage, he is free to sit at the computer and play, you can’t wait to pull him from the computer. Men are born to love to play, sometimes when they are married, they can still play when they are not married. For this situation, some women will always be sulking, and when they can’t help it, the volcanic eruption will make the relationship between husband and wife. Therefore, if you are dissatisfied with his playfulness, you should tell it in time, and don’t be in your heart. Violence in Men’s Acts Chapter 3 Sometimes men are a bit violent and tend to do things when they are unable to control their emotions. A woman may have been angry for a man for half a year because of this man’s move. She does not look good to men every day, and she refuses men with sex, which makes men very distressed. Over time, the relationship between husband and wife will be greatly affected. If you still love him deeply, for his first violent act, ask him three chapters of the law, so that he will never dare to bully you again. (Text / Clown) Note: The copyright of this article belongs to Feihua Health Net. Without permission, any natural person or legal person may not reprint or copy all or part of it in any form.