Mona compares her own woman with others

Some people around us are divorced because they no longer love each other, or because one side is betrayed. Few people divorce when they clearly love each other. However, loving each other does not mean that there is no noisy in life. After some “small things” between husband and wife have accumulated to a certain extent, they can also lead to the breakdown of marriage. Lu Yang and Xu Qian are a couple who have been married for 10 years. The two people who were free to love once ran away because of the obstruction of their parents. Lu Yang Shuai Fang Fang and Xu Qian are beautiful and petite. Two people rushed to register the marriage soon. In this way, the two people lived a fairy-like life in a different place. Many people believe that marriage is the tomb of love. When love comes to marriage, it is not a stop. It is a life-threatening. The same is true of Lu Yang’s and Xu Qian’s love. Although they love to be so strong, they even choose to run away together, but they have not escaped the broken marriage. In the ninth year of their marriage, Lu Yang, who had already had a career, began to be different. Now that he sees the world outside, he always feels that his wife needs to improve in many places. He always tells his wife about other women after returning home. It is not that people have high academic qualifications, that is, people know how to maintain. The same age is not only much more than she knows, but also a lot younger than her. After Xu Qiangang began to hear her husband’s dissatisfaction with herself, she began to work hard to learn and change herself. But who knows that her husband not only did not see her efforts, but instead turned Ben Gali, almost every day to praise other women in front of Xu Qian. In this way, Xu Qian feels more and more inferior and wronged under the constant contrast of Lu Yang. She does not understand why her husband can’t see his own advantages, but always compares others with himself. Over time, Xu Qian gradually became tired of her husband, and finally left Lu Yang in a rage when she quarreled with her husband. There is no mistake between the husband and wife and the other person. The marriage is certainly not going to last long if we are constantly pursuing goodness in marriage. No one is perfect, everyone has more or less shortcomings, but we can’t always compare these shortcomings with others. The result of this comparison may bring some reminders or improvements to the place, but more is Will cause psychological damage to the other party. These hurt people often make decisions to break up or divorce in the case of inferiority and disappointment. They may still love each other deeply, but they can’t stand this endless contrast and they have to leave each other while loving each other. (Text / Nan Tang) Copyright: This article edition