Along with the “family” couple

Not long after Fujimori and Liu Linggang got married, the two men almost “started the war.” Fujimun disliked Liu Ling’s meal and did not eat well, but he ate “big belly” every time, that is, he was not spared, and he still picked and picked. Liu Ling thinks that Fujimori “has no ability” and always says that he is not as good as a big money, but no one can compare with his husband in front of outsiders. More than a year after marriage, Liu Ling is pregnant. She can be regarded as a “Queen” in this high-spirited manner. Every day, she will greet her husband, and she will eat spicy food for a while, and will eat acid for a while. Yo-Yo, he will massage him with a backache. In the face of such “bullying” Fujimori does not want to swallow, always with his wife, and from time to time threaten the other party, she will take her off without a son. The child is finally born, is a daughter, black and bright eyes are pleasing, Fujimori likes it, but it is not the case, always said to his wife, it is really not a “skill” to have a daughter, no longer honestly She swept out the door. Liu Ling is not willing to show weakness, what happened to her daughter? It is as beautiful and beautiful as I am. I will definitely marry a big money later. Then I will follow the light. As for you, it is also a “dairy dad.” Time flies like a quicksand, and the “family” couple adds a grandson, and the old couple are happy. It is said that people’s old temperament will also change, but the couple are “unchanged”, and they are “big move” for the grandson’s name. Liu Ling wanted her grandson’s name to sound very elegant, so she chose a more “gentle” name; Fujimori felt that the boy should be full of domineering, so the name of “mother” is not appropriate, and must be changed. The two men struggled to fight for no results, and finally let her daughter-in-law get their own ideas. In the past few years, the “family” couples who have reached the old age are facing the “end of the crowd.” Liu Ting was lying in the hospital bed. Fujita was inseparable from the ground. He cut the apple and his mouth was not idle. “Let you not pay attention to your body. This is a good illness, and it will bring trouble to your children and grandchildren.” What troubles, isn’t there that you take care of me? You look at your clumsy look, and cutting an apple is so slow.” The two are still “tit-forward” who will not let anyone. On a rainy night, Liu Ting was pushed into the rescue room. Two small rescues only won some time for her. Fujimori fluttered to the bed, clasping her hand, and tears. “Wife, we haven’t rushed to win or lose, why do you go first!” Liu Ling gently stroked her wife’s face. “Stupid, this life will not last forever! You are so good, let the children We saw a lot of shame. I am waiting for you on the ‘bridge’, let’s join the soup together with ‘drinking soup’, you have to dare to have you look good!” “Well, wait for me! See you!” “Getting the boss’s unswerving answer, Liu Ling smiled and closed her eyes… The quarrel between the husband and wife of the old “family” is often a contradiction between the two. If it is not adjusted, it will sooner or later. Feelings can not heal wounds. There are countless reasons for quarreling, but the results are painful. However, there is a kind of “family” couple who rely on quarrels to enhance their feelings. Perhaps this should not become a quarrel. Appropriate, but in the eyes of outsiders, the two people’s tit-for-tat posture is like a real “battlefield.” The world has two-sidedness, and the noisy is not only “bad”, but also has a “good” side. Use the noisy “good” aspect to enhance mutual emotions. This kind of emotional exchange is very subtle, there is a sense of mutual competition and irony, but it implicitly expresses a meaning: you are so bad, I fall in love with you, you Is there any reason not to love me? As the saying goes, playing is relatives and love, and their noisy is the expression of love. Perhaps this method of communication is very puzzled by ordinary people. It’s not complicated. For example, if the two groups of flames meet to form a large group of fires, then “fire on the fire”? This fire is more vigorous than the set. “The family” is the principle, the combination of men and women The flames, noisy fuel for them, so that their love fire is more vigorous. But there is a premise, these two groups of fire must be love fire, not anger, and tolerate each other, otherwise it will “explode” 呦! Text / Small Bad) Copyright: The copyright of this article belongs to Feihua Health Network. Any natural person or legal person may not reprint or copy all or part of it in any form without permission.