Several ways to read a woman’s thoughts

Men, born with thick lines, but the careful man is very attractive. Once a man is careful, he will find many problems. It is difficult to guess the woman’s mind and it is elusive. Many men do not understand the woman’s meaning and gender psychology, which causes the woman’s very angry consequences. As a result, the man is still confused. In fact, it is not difficult to read a woman. Today, I will teach you some understanding of women. Methods. 1. It is necessary to respect the woman’s choice not to interfere too much with each other’s choices. It is best to encourage her to develop her own expertise, because everyone is the same. If you do something that you don’t like, you will not have passion and enthusiasm. You feel good, not necessarily what she thinks is the best for her. An important criterion for modern good men is to respect all women, including those with only one side. 2, warm physical contact Why do women love to pull a man’s hand? Because of this intimacy, people feel practical. People actually have physical contact desires, men and women are the same. The warmth of the palm and the arms is the most impressive for women, and it is far more memorable than any diamond. When she thinks of you, she is mostly thinking of your arms, so don’t hesitate to embrace and embrace. 3, timely cold and warm care and considerate that every woman is very affected, but excessive care will only make her annoyed. When she is upset, you can act as a trash can. Sometimes what a woman needs is only an object that can be told. When it is finished, it is released, and does not necessarily require results. Try to remember the name of the friend she and you mentioned, and give you the best advice you can think of when she is in trouble. 4. Let her family and friends appreciate the elders are really powerful, the eyes are super-toxic, if you can win the appreciation of her family and friends, it will be halfway through. Because women are usually very easy to be influenced by people around you, there are people who appreciate you, and you will get a lot of help in many things. Men need to understand women. Only after they understand women can women be more loved by women. Women are better than men. Women should be loved. When you want to meet a woman, you must learn more. The essence of the time, you can make women feel that you are doing something wrong, read