A woman’s sexuality is not known to some men.

Everyone has their own psychological problems in terms of sex. These psychological problems are our sexual psychological expressions. Sometimes women’s sexual problems are beyond our understanding because they don’t want to tell anyone what they think. Sexual affairs are our own private affairs. It is normal to have these ideas in our sexual life. We should treat these issues seriously and correctly. 1. I know how to be happy, but I just don’t want to order you when making love. That seems too open. Most of the time, men are self-righteous when making love, but they can’t help women get happiness and climax faster. In fact, they know their body best and know what is more comfortable, but they dare not say it easily because they are afraid of hurting men’s self-esteem. If you really want to know the idea of ​​a woman, look for opportunities instead of sex, such as two people watching comedy on the sofa and then discuss with her. 2. Sex does not make me more comfortable every day. This won’t make you more capable for a long time. Men like high frequency to express their desires and sexual abilities, but in the eyes of women, sex is the sublimation of emotions, not necessarily every day. At the same time, men do not have to worry about premature ejaculation every time they make love, because women’s happiness does not depend entirely on the length of time. Often men’s mastery of strength and skill is more important than time. 3. I can see which of your tricks have been stolen. “Men like to learn some skills from pornography, but most of them are “fancy”. Women can feel what is real behavior, that is, showing sexual ability. Women are more likely to expect men to be sincere and to abandon useless.” “Flower stand”, and their heart has a sexual relationship. 4. The climax is not all. I do not blame you for not having a climax.” For women, sex itself is the source of happiness, they can not reach the climax, but this does not mean that men do not Ability should be underestimated. 5. Just because you want to chat after sex does not mean that you are not satisfied. After making love, the man falls asleep, and the woman always feels lost. In fact, the woman does not let him sleep, but expects to continue to have a hug and some warmth. Look, women have this feeling of sex. If you want to understand women thoroughly, you should start with their sexual psychology. Everyone has their own sexual psychology and should be treated correctly.