When a woman secretly loves a man’s six performances

Many people will say that men are slow, so it is difficult to find girls who like to crush you. This is really a sad relationship between the girl and the girl. After all, the girl is too thin to admit it, so she can only hide in her heart. Just like a person is not concealed, his every move will affect your nerves, want to know if she secretly loves others, it depends on her state. If a woman has a crush on a man, she usually has the following performance: Performance 1: When he is seen with other women, his face is unnatural and even blurred. Women like jealousy, not just the fault of husband or boyfriend. As long as she is a man she likes, if he plays with other women instead of playing with her, she will be very upset. Even the man is not her boyfriend or husband. Performance 2: Deliberate eyebrows blinked at him, often showing off in front of him. For men, eyebrows and blinking at women seem a bit nervous, at least in terms of femininity. It is completely normal for a woman to blink at a man, or to express the right to care for a man is a woman’s patent. Performance 3: For what he said, either take the initiative to obey or deliberately disobey the concert on the opposite side. When a woman looks at a man, she listens and even learns every word he says. If a man says that she looks good today, she may still dress like that tomorrow, or deliberately wear it ugly. No matter what she wears, she tries to attract the attention of men. Performance 4: When he encounters difficulties, he always helps him for the first time and cheers him. If it’s not for the man you like, no matter what problems men have, women tend to pay little attention, and even if they don’t pay much attention, they won’t be very active. If the man you like is in trouble, the woman is more anxious than the man, thinking about him when eating and drinking Lhasa. Performance 5: Paying great attention to his whereabouts, often asking his friends where he went, who he went with, what he did. Women attach great importance to the whereabouts of men, and if they are not misled, they will be attracted to him 100%. If a woman has no feelings for him, where she is, who she is with, and with whom, is she fart? Does she need to be so bored to ask? Performance 6: For him, dress as beautiful as possible every day and let him see as much as possible. As the saying goes, a woman is a person who pleases herself. In fact, even if a man does not “like” her, she will “tolerate” him as long as she likes it. Therefore, she spent a lot of effort to dress up, hoping to make people love it, and the train saw a puncture.