How much do women care about men’s size?

Many men have had concerns about their sexual life, and sexologists call it “the worry of the bedroom.” Recently, the United States “Dr. Network Doctor” published 8 questions, you can test men’s sexual knowledge, check to see if these are the reasons that cause your anxiety? 1. “Women don’t like men’s chest hair.” Is this correct? ?A. Correct, B. Error. Answer: B. Women have different feelings. Some women like male or male stars without chest hair, but others think men with chest hair are more sexy. 2. For women, is the size of a man’s penis important? A. Correct, B. Wrong. Answer: B. A survey found that only 1% of women think that the length of the penis is “very important”, and more than 50% of women think that the length of the penis is not important, and the thicker penis is not related. 3. What is the average length of adult male penile erection? A.10~12.7cm, B.12.7~15cm, C.17.8~20cm, D.20~22.9cm. Answer: B. When the penis is weak, the length is about 9 cm, and the length of the erection is doubled. 4. “Women’s sexual gratification depends on her husband’s ability to reach orgasm.” Is this correct? A. Correct, B. Wrong. Answer: B. A number of studies have shown that many women do mention orgasm when asked about the most satisfying experience, but at the same time, they are more concerned with being loved, passionate, happy, evoked, emotional and with their partner. communication. 5. “After the man wears a condom, most couples enjoy less sex.” Is this correct? A. Correct, B. Wrong. Answer: B. A large-scale survey found that there is no difference between wearing condoms and not wearing condoms during sex, and wearing condoms will not affect orgasm. 6. Among the married men aged 50-59, what is the proportion of non-sexual life in the past year? A.8%, B.15%, C.21%, D.26%. Answer: C. Among married men over the age of 60 and over 70, the rate of one-year non-sexual life will rise to 34% and 54% respectively. 7. How long does it usually take for a man to reach a climax? A. 5 minutes, B. 9 minutes, C. 18 minutes, D. 24 minutes. Answer: A. A survey involving five countries found that men averaged 5 minutes to reach orgasm. 8. Which of the following methods can help improve male premature ejaculation? A. take related drugs, B. wear condoms, C. often have sex, D. All of the above. Answer: D. Doctors sometimes advise patients to take “suspension extrusion” to treat premature ejaculation, that is, during sexual life, feel free to pull out or stop touching the penis when you want to ejaculate, then squeeze the glans. Wearing a condom also helps to delay ejaculation time. Some sexual medicine experts suggest that increasing the number of sexual intercourse can help men become more habitual pleasure, so as to achieve the purpose of treating premature ejaculation.