What behaviors make men feel embarrassed?

Studies have shown that men produce a one-time fantasy every six minutes. In many cases, the simple and clear behavior of a woman seems to be related to sex in his eyes. He created a gray area for himself, and he imagined it, and sexual fantasies became his vitamin. In the end, what occasions and behaviors are easy for a man to make sexual associations? 1. The female boss’s approval of him is simply because his performance is relatively good. The high-quality single female boss gave him a thumbs up, smile and encouragement. Gray zone: He wondered if she was interested in me? You can think that he is self-satisfied, but men often think that this is the so-called male force. He is very confident about himself. He may think about it in the bed in the middle of the night. He feels that the female boss is lonely and needs him to soothe him. A late-night phone call, a West Chamber-style stay in the middle of the night, the black wind is high, mysterious, and stimulating, and he is not allowed to go wrong. Why is it easy for him to have sex with a single female boss? This is related to the deep “face-to-face” complex in the man’s heart, just like many women’s deep-rooted complexes. If you can get wealth and status without any work, I believe that no man is unwilling to try. This is not only because of “face to face”, but also means: first of all, he is handsome and has sexual value. Secondly, when other men are working hard, he can get wealth through shortcuts – why not do such a good thing? Sexual fantasies for single female bosses, the global Durex survey report pointed out that this is basically the most important sexual fantasies of men. Sexual index: ★★★★★ 2. The en route is not crowded. She is close to him, with a faint perfume, a white back, and a looting creek under the summer dress. Gray zone: Is she not interested? But in his opinion, maybe she is deliberately staring at herself. The Beijing subway is said to be the hardest hit by salty pigs. Most women have had the experience of being harassed in the subway. It is not known whether a woman is harassing a man in the subway, but it is true that a close contact in the subway is a time for a man to feel at ease. He knows that he can’t act rashly, but the more he dares to act rashly, the easier it is for him to start association. Maybe it’s an affair, maybe a sudden love. When a woman is looking for romance in the world, men are also looking for romance in his fantasy. Although the train has reached the end, this does not affect his long-term boring journey, using his illusion as a vitamin on his way to work.