What is the woman doing sex dreams?

Sexual dreams, also known as spring dreams, refer to sexual behavior in sleep. This is also a normal psychological and physiological phenomenon that occurs after sexual maturity in adolescence and is common among young people. So, what is the woman doing sex dreams? This phenomenon is medically known as the female dream. Female dreams are also called women’s night orgasm. Psychologists believe that sexual dreams are a normal sexual physiology and sexual psychological behavior. The occurrence of sexual dreams is closely related to the level of sex hormones and sexual psychology in the body. For women, the active period of sexual dreams is mostly between 20 and 40 years old. As sexual physiology and sexual psychology mature, women will also have sexual impulses. This kind of sexual impulse is suppressed by reason in the awake state. However, when entering the dreamland, it is not bound by any entanglement and is active through the excitation of the cerebral cortex, so there are all kinds of sexual dreams. Research data shows that the phenomenon of dreams is related to the degree of education. The higher the level of education, the higher the incidence of dreams. It is generally believed that people with more education are more imaginative and susceptible to books, magazines and film works. They are also related to strong metabolism, active sexual organ secretion, sexual disharmony or sexual repression. Adolescent women’s dreams and nerve control functions are not Sound related. Many women wake up after their sexual dreams and find that the body is so excited after sex, and even find that their vagina is already wet. This is because women are nervous in their sleep, clitoral erections and strong muscle contractions in the genital area, and viscous fluids are secreted from the cervix and vagina. Of course, this kind of sexual dream of a woman is the same as a man’s dream. It is a self-test of whether the body can function properly for its own sexual ability. Frequent sex dreams do not mean that a woman is single, not representative of hunger and thirst, nor does it mean dissatisfaction with the current sexual life. It is a normal physiological phenomenon of women’s night orgasm. From a physiological point of view, sexual dreams are a normal physiological phenomenon. Women have a strong sexual desire during ovulation and premenstrual periods. Occasionally, a dream or a “dream lover” is warm every 10 days and a half. normal phenomenon. The natural catharsis of a sexual dream, like the function of a safety valve, can alleviate the accumulated tension and is conducive to the perfection and maturity of sexual organ function. If a certain period of time does not live with the spouse, this sexual dream of women should be a normal catharsis, not a pathological state.