Demystifying transgender people can live a couple life?

According to the classification of gender, people can be divided into men and women, but we can’t forget that there are a special group of people in the world. When they were born, they were male, but they chose to undergo sex-change surgery for various reasons. Become a woman or change from a woman to a man. Everyone is very curious about transgender people. Want to know if transgender people can live a couple life? Transgender people can live a couple life. After transsexual surgery, transsexuals will also have artificial reproductive organs. Transsexuals can still have sex as normal people, but the feelings at sensitive points are naturally worse, so most transsexuals do not have sex during sex. The law reaches the required climax, but the degree of satisfaction of each person’s sexual experience is also different. At the same time, because male to female transgender people can not secrete fluid in the vagina, lubricant may be needed during sexual life. Can transsexuals have sex? After transsexual surgery, transgender people can have sex. The reason why transgender people can have sex life is to understand the process of transsexual surgery: First, the process of male-female degeneration surgery, including removal of male sexual organs and reconstruction of female sexual organs: 1. Removal of male sexual organs: (1) First connect the artificial urethra tube Male genital organs on the urethra tube. (2) Remove the meat outside the seminal vesicle, remove the seminal vesicle and remove male sex organs such as testicles, penis, and scrotum. 2, re-create female genital organs: (1) use the freshly removed sac of the seminal vesicle to make an artificial cortex under the armpit. (2) Put the urethral tube on the artificial cortex and start suturing at this time. (3) Remanufacturing female organs such as the vagina, labia, and clitoris. (4) In order to perform breast augmentation, narrowing of the larynx, bone grinding, hair removal, etc., some need to do laryngeal surgery, and gradually form a surgical feature of female sex. Second, the process of female men’s transsexual surgery, including the removal of female sexual organs and reconstruction of male sexual organs: 1, the removal of female sexual organs: (1) resection of the breast, nipple plastic surgery, masculine breasts. (2) removal of the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus and vagina. 2, re-male male sex organs: (1) penile reconstruction, reconstruction of testis, scrotum, penis, urethra, etc., including urethra formation, support tissue implantation, stem formation 3 parts, the most difficult part of which is the formation of the urethra. (2) Reconstruction of the larynx, testicles, etc. (3) Only when combined with plastic surgery, it is possible to make the reconstructed penis and urethra more reasonable, more realistic, and produce some functions.