What is wrong with the times when the times are slowly changing?

The times are slowly changing, and there are more and more people who don’t need to get married. I don’t think there is anything wrong with singles. I don’t think marriage is a necessary thing to live in this era, but many people say that singles can be good. At the same time, who needs a man, or shouts that I just don’t want to, just stay with someone. Maybe it’s someone like me who has been suffering from a single mother’s body for a while. After a big death, people may have such a harsh idea, but really, people who can choose singles have several? There are more and more single people in this generation. When it comes to reasons, more and more people want more and more things, but the ability to maintain relationships or socialize is getting worse. First, define what is called single choice, choose single, as the name suggests, I have a choice. It means that I can actually not be single, but not with people I don’t want. If I can choose someone who is not single but only I don’t want, is it still a real choice? Singles can also be very good. The concept behind the man who needs the man’s sentence means that the single person can’t be very good, but if you really believe that the single is very good, it’s not going to be loud, and these loud announcements are actually Just convince yourself. Just like we drink water every day, we don’t think that drinking water is a very precious thing, but it is only natural that no one will take things for granted. A woman does not need a man (the same reason, a man does not need a woman), except that we may die if we have not been cared for in the years since we were born, and we who survived successfully, there is no one, and life is still going on. . Many people finish our class, there will be a question that we have the ability to satisfy ourselves, then why do we still have to pay male and female friends, but who said that two people must have mutual needs to be together? Both have the ability to make happy, satisfied people together. Couples who have a need for each other, in most cases, in fact, often only consume each other, two people with needs have no ability to give, just want to ask for, and finally can only use no feeling, tired And faded to end this round. Whether it is single or two people, there are different happiness and hardships. Only when these two choices are completely equal, no option is more attractive. Maybe we can choose to choose single or choose together. But many people, with a single self-comfort to disregard themselves, may not be able to make the objects they want and want their own. Or because you have a partner, try to assimilate (attack) or persuade a single person to settle down quickly. Many arguments can be made. I can do it if I am old. These people are very likely to have a partner because they are forced to live with the pressure of life and have a sense of social affair to have their current partner. Is it really to make their life happier, probably only the one who knows best. However, those who are truly satisfied with life will rarely want to assimilate others. Because life is ups and downs, only knowing that everything is equal and nothing is absolute can find satisfaction and gratitude in impermanence. Will a child be guaranteed to take care of you? Is there another half to guarantee that you will be old? If even the impermanence of life is weak, and the other half, children, and families are regarded as guarantees or even drifting woods that cannot be self-sufficient and empty, so no matter who they are, it will definitely be very much with such people. Hard work. So, is it a single choice, or is it a single? Is it a choice to be with someone, or is it necessary to be with someone?