Do men and women need to drink water before going to house?

Do you need to drink water? Couples consume a lot of water during their sexual life. But in fact, drinking water is also stressful. Couples learn to “drink water” before and after sex, can improve each other’s sexual welfare index. The benefits of drinking water before sex 1. Adding water, making people feel better sex is like a physical exercise. If the body is in a state of water shortage, it will affect the energy supply and the discharge of metabolites, and even lead to loss of libido. This will not only make people physically weak, but also affect their exertion. It will also lead to the fatigue of the body after the passion. Therefore, only by adding enough water can you maintain a good state and get a satisfactory sex life. 2, if women hydrate, can urinate in time after sex, can play a role in preventing urinary tract infections Many women are prone to urethritis after marriage, and repeated attacks, in fact, this is related to the physiological structure of women. In sexual life, the bacteria in the female urethra are easily retrograde, reaching the bladder and ureter, which in turn causes urinary tract infections. 3, drinking water helps male erect males to consume a lot of physical strength in their sexual life, but also consume a lot of water. Drinking a glass of water before the sexual intercourse will make the man’s sexual organs more energetic and longer, and vice versa, the male’s sexual organs can not maintain normal shape, erection or filling is blocked, and semen production is reduced. At the same time, drinking water can supplement physical and water, but also prevent male urinary tract infections and prostatitis, which is conducive to reproductive system health. What are the skills in sex? 1. If you want to use your temperature to lead your movements, instead of burning them with your desire. This should be the next step in your use of any of the techniques. For example, she doesn’t touch them until she doesn’t take the initiative to hold the seductive chest; she only wanders around her waist and lower abdomen before she grabs your hand between her legs. Well, even if you think that you can make her climax even if you don’t do it, the difference between a master and you is here: they can make a woman who is reluctant to become a fascinating bed. 2, random strain, do not think that your three tricks and two styles that have let other girls cool, is equally effective in front of her! Not only women and women are different, even the same woman will follow different emotions and atmosphere Generate different needs. Learning the form of observation and the contingency is the martial arts of the top players. 3, if there seems to be all the time to strip her, not just for slow and slow. Leaving her little vest close to her, or not taking off her high heels; In fact, even if only one necklace and two earrings are left, it is enough to make you excited. Moreover, these restrained clothing and accessories will also greatly stimulate her physical and psychological sexy valves. Instantly igniting a woman’s hunger and thirst requires men to have this power. 4, the taste of slow fire and sizzling will never be more savory than the simmer. When you kiss, you should stick the glass like your lips. When you are smashing, you should brush the dust like an antique. When you touch it, apply a cream to the back of the burned hand… In short, direct your mouth, tongue, and hand according to the speed of the movie slow motion. Make her skin more sensitive than ever.