Good marriage does not exist in these 7 kinds of mistakes.

How to get a high quality couple life is a matter of learning. From an economic point of view, some problems between husband and wife can easily affect the quality of married life. Correcting the following mistakes can help the couple to allocate time, money, wisdom and even sex more rationally and effectively. Let’s follow the Xiaobian to understand it! 1. The average household chores of household chores are usually considered to be the most equal part of the husband and wife, but the couples of life and money “AA” are prone to conflicts. According to the principle of “comparative advantage” in economics, husband and wife can be responsible for their chores that are good at each other. For example, the husband is responsible for all kinds of bills, buying food and repairing things, and the wife is responsible for cooking, washing, sweeping the floor and so on. 2, no emotions, no sex If sex life always has to wait for both sides to produce strong desires at the same time, then a few months without sex is difficult to avoid. In terms of sex, consider the theory of “emotional temperature difference” in economics. In the absence of sex, imagine the scene of “having emotions”, let yourself enter the state quickly, and complete the sex with the lover. 3. Disharmony is the end of the day, as the economy rises and falls, and the “fluctuation” of the relationship between husband and wife is also a normal phenomenon. These changes help couples to see how far they are letting things go, how to take them seriously, and how to ignore the most important things in a couple’s life. 4, arguing over the night, marriage experts said that there is no contradiction between husband and wife, the husband and wife must not go to bed. When you are angry, you should think about the theory of “loss avoidance” in economics. It tells us that couples have been deflated for too long and are a huge loss to both sides. 5, guess each other’s minds Many people feel uncomfortable outside, think that home can get comfort, but the results may be disappointing. In order to solve the problem of “suspecting the mind” of couples, it is advisable to adopt the “transparency principle” in economics, to directly tell the lover to the demand, and transparent communication is the lubricant of the relationship between husband and wife. 6. Delaying the promises The husband feels that he should look for a child for a long time, so that his wife can easily go shopping in the afternoon, but he can’t do it. Commitments such as these are easy to accumulate. The best solution to this problem is the economic “commitment mechanism” principle – mandatory fulfillment of commitments. 7, underestimate the power of small changes every day busy, busy work and busy housework, couples feel exhausted after a day, the longer the time, the greater the pressure. At this point, you may wish to make a small change, or occasionally ask an hourly worker to help with home hygiene.