When a woman falls in love, she must understand the six psychology of men.

You don’t need to know me, you just need to love me, and I don’t need to love you, just need to know you, so that we can get along with each other and get what we need. Although they are all in love, the psychological needs of men and women are still different. Many times women think that men don’t understand their own minds. They really don’t understand because they always think about your thoughts with their own thinking. The same girls. Although emotionally sensitive, boys always have a side you don’t know. The man in love is very “feeling”, you know 1, boys don’t love, just understand; girls don’t understand, just love. 1, find a love you 100%, and you love him 50% of the boys love 50% of the energy saved, can be used to read 100% of the boys who love you. To put it bluntly, boys are used to understand, not to love. When he is machismo, you know how to give him face; when he is weak, you pull his hand. I don’t want to spend time to understand him. I just want to love him 100%. Let’s take a look at the girls in the TV series. In the movie “I Love You”, Xu Jinglei loves dialects. I love the dialect and almost jumped, and I am crazy. Boys are used to understand, not to love, too much to love him will not have self, everywhere he is centered, suffering from loss, it is better to love less, keep a little distance, let the boys helplessly and lovingly say to themselves: “Love, I really can’t understand you!” That’s right, you don’t need to know me, just love me. And I don’t need to love you, just need to understand you, so that we can get along with each other and get what we need. 2, boys can not be used to listen to the trouble you told him today, he just listened carefully, telling you a solution, you can’t stop talking, he looks less and less serious, so you are angry How do you find a boyfriend who doesn’t care about yourself? In fact, you are wrong. Boys and girls have different ways of thinking. When they encounter problems and pressures, boys pay attention to solutions. Girls pay attention to people and he proposes a solution. The way is the way he expresses his love. The mission is completed. You will continue to say it. He will feel that you are not satisfied with the plan he proposed. He did not help you. He began to doubt his ability, so he began to be irritable. However, you felt that he did not care about you, so you started to quarrel. . When you encounter a problem, ask the boys what to do and listen to find a girl. Just like a vacuum cleaner, you can’t use it to fish, and the function of the wrong product is your problem. 3. If he doesn’t seem to love you very much, he really doesn’t love you. He doesn’t look too enthusiastic because he doesn’t love you. The first date to eat, he proposed AA; he said to contact, instead I will call you tonight; He said that I will meet you again in the future, but did not give a specific date for the date; he said that he does not want to find a girlfriend now, in fact, that you are not the girlfriend he is looking for; he said that he is very busy, even the time to drink a glass of juice None, it is actually that you are not worthy of his time to take a glass of juice. You didn’t call him for a lot of reasons. He suspected that his phone was lost and broken. He suspected that he was on a business trip to a cave with no signal. In fact, he lied himself. In short, he does not like you so much. 4, don’t blame him for every game is very serious, boys always put themselves in a competitive environment, the typical is to drive, the road honestly go their own way, never red light must be a girl, one has The opportunity to overtake must be a boy. The girls drive to drive themselves to their destination safely, and the boys drive to get the cars that start with them. The same is true for playing computer games. The result of the psychologist’s investigation is that the five requirements of the boys for girls are: 1. sex; 2. attractive appearance; 3. feeling of being worshipped; 4. can play together; 5. on their own career helpful. If he likes a game, you don’t blame him for being too involved, but trying to express his enthusiasm, he will put you into the category that can be played together, and I will feel more like you. 5, do not love your boys, even the silence does not give you girls think that if he loves himself, it should be expressed in minutes and passion, when he can’t figure out how to be together, how can he talk less and play silently. There are two reasons why boys are silent when they are in love: 1. They are born like this. When they are with you, they occasionally go to God and miss the loneliness and calmness when they are not in love. He feels that he has a long relationship with you and let him I can’t find myself, so he wants to be alone for a while. 2. He is in trouble and has something to solve. This is when he licks his wounds and saves his strength to deal with the problem. When he finds a way, he will come out by himself. Don’t bother him at this time, let alone talk to you. Don’t talk to me. Don’t you love me. I can find something I like to do. Usually 20 minutes to an hour, he began to miss your sweetness around him and took the initiative. Boys don’t love you, they will escape far, and even the chance to face his silence will not be given to you. 6. Never look for boys to negotiate. I want to know how two people who are clearly in love are talking about collapse. Just watch the movie “Gone with the Wind”. Looking at the dispute between Scarlett and Barrett, I understand that I will never find a boy to negotiate. Boys and girls use different languages ​​of the planet, especially when two people are sulking. You have a very sad sentence here today. Can he blame me for one sentence? Don’t blame you for blaming anyone? It’s got it… it’s even worse. American psychologists say that boys and girls have six basic love needs, and the forms of love that boys need, including trust, acceptance, gratitude, praise, recognition, and encouragement; the form that girls need is care, understanding, respect, and loyalty. Thoughtful, comforting. When there is a disagreement, it is more effective than leaning on his chest to say nothing. When he calms down, he will naturally understand your heart, take the initiative to adjust and your pace.