Four factors that contribute to female sexuality

According to statistics, women’s “sexually cold” is three times that of men. “Sexually cold” is getting more and more attention, and the spouse of “sexually cold” patients has been deeply affected. Its bitterness, how to reinvigorate the female sexuality has become a top priority. Factors that lead to female sexual indifference ★ Psychological factors: accepting the wrong sex education at a young age, thinking that sex life is a lewd and unclean act, which inhibits sexual desire; The uneasiness and fear left behind by nervousness, depression, anxiety, or former vicious stimuli (such as being raped) can also affect sexual desire. If the husband has an affair or a slap in the face, the wife will be disheartened by the husband. The failure of work or career, the troubles brought about by social activities, etc. are all likely to make people “sexual” insufficient. ★ Physiological factors: If the husband is making love, he only shows his own satisfaction, regardless of his wife’s feelings; the wife will feel himself It is just a tool for venting, and it is prone to “sexual coldness.” At the same time, women have a pregnancy reaction during early pregnancy, and in the middle and late pregnancy, they are afraid of sex affecting the fetus or causing premature birth. Some will have low postpartum sexual desire. Busy work or overloaded labor, excessive overdraft of physical strength, will also lack the energy to make love at night. ★ Disease factors: suffering from reproductive organs, endocrine or systemic diseases will make people lose Sexuality (such as vulvar eczema, vulvar trauma or ulcers), various types of vaginitis, cervicitis, annexitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine body inflammation, etc. can affect sexual desire, sexual arousal and orgasm. Endometriosis Positional pain is prone to sexual intercourse pain. All endocrine diseases that affect ovarian function can also cause “sexual coldness.” In systemic diseases, the incidence of coldness in diabetic patients is more common. ★ Drug factors: Some drugs will make women “sweep” Sexually, contraceptives such as progesterone have side effects such as reducing vaginal discharge, increasing sexual pain and reducing libido. Diazepam, chlorhexidine, barbiturates, antihistamines such as perphenazine, and amitripty Lin, etc., can often reduce sexual reactions and sexual desire; clinically used antihypertensive drugs, such as spironolactone, clonidine, reserpine, propranolol, profenozin It can also inhibit the emergence of female orgasm. Eliminate negative psychological factors and correct misunderstanding. Through self-suggestion, self-adjustment, targeted elimination of negative psychological factors. If necessary, psychotherapy under the guidance of a psychiatrist. Sexual life should cooperate with each other to achieve sexual harmony and harmony, in order to achieve a “win-win” in sex. Work must be combined with work and rest, life should add a romantic atmosphere, the husband’s thoughtfulness and gentleness to his wife will increase her sexual interest.