Why do women want to have strong sexual intercourse during the physiological period?

Many women have high sexual desire during menstruation, which is very confusing for some partners, so why women have strong sexual desire during the physiological period, including the increase of estrogen in the body, and the cause of pelvic congestion, for women during menstruation What to do with strong libido, let us introduce it today. Why women have strong sexual desire during the physiological period, increased pelvic congestion during menstruation, and pelvic congestion during sexual excitement. 2. Why do women have strong sexual desires during the physiological period? There is no possibility of pregnancy at all, and they will feel particularly safe, so that couples can enjoy themselves. 3, estrogen levels are the lowest, so the level of androgen in the body is relatively high, and androgen is also the most important material basis to maintain female sexual desire. 4, during menstruation, due to the friction of the menstrual pad on the clitoris, and the warmth of the menstrual blood stimulation of the clitoris, these local stimuli can cause the wife’s sexual desire to increase. Second, how to solve the sexual desire during menstruation? 1. Taking birth control pills to delay menstruation If women often feel uneasy and worried when honeymoon or holiday is coming, it will naturally interfere with their sexual interests, and also give They are inconvenient. But there is a way to overcome this difficulty, which is to use the oral contraceptives to delay the menstrual period. 2. Using a condom If menstrual intercourse can cause abdominal pain, using a condom will prevent this pain, and it is safer and more hygienic because the condom prevents contact between prostaglandins in the semen and the female colon. . 3. Mental Transfer In addition, you can also use mental transfer, such as avoiding people or things that stimulate your sexual desire, find some activities that you usually like to divert your attention, or calm down and look at a book to buffer. Understand why women have a strong sexual desire after the physiological period, I hope that the partners have a new layer of cognition, in addition to the menstrual sex of the after-effect factors, in order to prohibit menstrual sex, whether women or men, it is best to transfer during menstruation The topic of sex and the thought of desire.