The four mentalities of the older “leftover men” who don’t want to get married

Some time ago, a female friend of mine had just found a boyfriend. Her boyfriend had a car and had a room, but her age was a little older than him. She was thirty years old. But when my female friend mentioned that he was married to him, the man suddenly evaporated from the human world, and my female friend was very hurt. I have not adjusted my mood until now. According to common sense, a man is 30 years old and should have reached the age of becoming a family. But why don’t he want to get married? There are many older men in the society. When they talk about the word “marriage,” they seem to be allergic. Let’s take a look at the psychology of older men who don’t want to get married. I haven’t played enough yet. “How old is it? I just got a little money. I haven’t played enough yet. I don’t want to turn myself into a married old man so early!” This is when I chatted with a male colleague and listened to him. In a word. Men are born to love, this is their nature. But while they played, they forgot their responsibilities. What kind of things should be done when a person reaches a certain age, so those men who love to escape from marriage must be rational. Fear of losing the reality of freedom, many men will have this kind of psychology. They are afraid that after they get married, they will be entangled by their wives all the time, be entangled by children, be entangled in the trivial things of life, when they want to do something, Without personal freedom, sometimes I have to report to my wife. The original state of life and the circle of friends have changed because of marriage, this is not the life they want.