When you are in the house, she actually wants to do this.

Women have a deeper feeling in sexual life. This is the real experience that sex gives them. Sexual life will bring us a certain pleasure. This ultimate pleasure is the root cause of our constant desire. Sex can add brilliance to our lives and make a little fun in the plain life. This is the best way to regulate life. Not every time a sex woman has to reach a climax. Men are always very concerned about whether women have reached a climax. In fact, for women, the phenomenon of not feeling the orgasm in the process of substantive love is very normal. Whether a woman can get a climax is related to the length of sex and the size of her penis, mainly related to the way they get orgasm. Caressing her more, stimulating yin tidy will have a surprise. Women are sometimes used to encourage men. A lot of women will strengthen their volume when they are sexual, because they understand from the inside that men like this sense of conquest. But men also need to learn to “return the peaches” and affirm each other. Women are very much looking forward to discussing sexual skills with their partners. Obviously, no sexual skills are applicable to all women, so communication between the two parties is critical. But it is a little difficult for a woman to ask for sexuality. At this time, man’s patience and understanding are necessary. Find the right time to guide women to express their thoughts. Even if they feel hurt and self-respect, men should not overreact. After all, she needs great courage to do so. This is also the first step towards a harmonious life. Women don’t like men to fight “prolonged wars.” Most men believe that the longer they are, the more they can show their sexual abilities. In fact, when women enjoy sexual pleasure, they are more concerned about the thoughtfulness and care of the details. If a man fought for an hour and had no new tricks, the woman lying underneath might have been bored. Physiologically, yin road has limited ability to lubricate, and sex time is too long, but it will “slowly lose fun”. Psychologically, women expect men to stay warm for a while after the end, instead of being tired and slumbering. She understands how to make herself climax. If a man “work hard” doesn’t work for a long time, ask her. Many women with a history of sexual life are familiar with their bodies, knowing where they are more sensitive and where they need stimulation. Women know that some sexual poses come from porn. Men like to use the way of pornography in actual sex, thinking that this can get more pleasure. In fact, most of the scenes in pornography are “invisible.” Sex is a full-body and psychological experience, and fancy movements cannot prolong pleasure. The woman wants to tell him very much: Dear, we have less imitation, more intimacy. Women in sexual life have their own sexual pleasures. These real feelings are female students.