Why do women prefer to wear men with sleeves?

Whenever you talk about sex, you can’t avoid mentioning another topic, that is, contraception. It seems that sex and contraception are tied together. In fact, this is the case. As long as you have sex, you will have contraception. Exist, however, men and women have different views on condoms. Men think that wearing condoms can affect the pleasure of sex, while women believe that condoms are a manifestation of safety, so they are more keen on wearing men. sexual intercourse. I remember that a sexologist had once had an interview with a condom about sex. After asking most women, women answered that in fact, wearing a condom does not make much difference to them. The feeling of rubbing is the same. The choice of wearing a sleeve is only for safer and more reliable, because the direct contact of the skin leads to the spread of other sexually transmitted diseases, or the occurrence of pregnancy. In addition, the reason why women let men wear condoms, mainly do not want to get pregnant, but also to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. This is a manifestation of the improvement of women’s safety awareness. Men also need to be like women in this regard, to prevent and protect personal safety. In fact, in Xiaobian’s view, making love is a matter for two people. If you love each other and have the ability to breed the next generation, the girl is of course willing to have a sexual relationship with you. However, you are just in love, and have not talked about the extent of getting married and having children. Naturally, girls are not willing to take such a big risk to have sex with you. Of course, in order for the two sides not to have greater contradictions and conflicts, it is necessary to wear condoms. Therefore, Xiao Bian here also advises men who do not have condoms to make love, not just for the pursuit of sexual stimulation, to go without sex, it is best to use a condom to protect yourself. Condoms are a must when you have multiple sexual partners or if you have multiple sexual intercourse.