Four factors that contribute to female sexuality

According to statistics, women’s “sexually cold” is three times that of men. “Sexually cold” is getting more and more attention, and the spouse of “sexually cold” patients has been deeply affected. Its bitterness, how to reinvigorate the female sexuality has become a top priority. Factors that lead to female sexual indifference ★ Psychological factors: accepting the wrong sex education at a young age, thinking that sex life is a lewd and unclean act, which inhibits sexual desire; read more

When a woman falls in love, she must understand the six psychology of men.

You don’t need to know me, you just need to love me, and I don’t need to love you, just need to know you, so that we can get along with each other and get what we need. Although they are all in love, the psychological needs of men and women are still different. Many times women think that men don’t understand their own minds. They really don’t understand because they always think about your thoughts with their own thinking. The same girls. Although emotionally sensitive, read more

Good marriage does not exist in these 7 kinds of mistakes.

How to get a high quality couple life is a matter of learning. From an economic point of view, some problems between husband and wife can easily affect the quality of married life. Correcting the following mistakes can help the couple to allocate time, money, wisdom and even sex more rationally and effectively. Let’s follow the Xiaobian to understand it! 1. The average household chores of household chores are usually considered to be the most equal part of the husband and wife, but the couples read more

Four kiss skills teach him to worship under your red lips

Kissing is a long-term relationship between couples, then you know how to do kissing, what do you want to know about kissing skills? The following small series tells you how to kiss, just take a look at the four kiss skills. According to statistics, the most popular kiss route for men is “from top to bottom” and “after going to”, try to test his passion with different pressures and different humidity kisses. Index, keep an eye on each other’s reactions to find out his sexy belt. read more

Do men and women need to drink water before going to house?

Do you need to drink water? Couples consume a lot of water during their sexual life. But in fact, drinking water is also stressful. Couples learn to “drink water” before and after sex, can improve each other’s sexual welfare index. The benefits of drinking water before sex 1. Adding water, making people feel better sex is like a physical exercise. If the body is in a state of water shortage, it will affect the energy supply and the discharge of metabolites, and even lead to loss read more

What is wrong with the times when the times are slowly changing?

The times are slowly changing, and there are more and more people who don’t need to get married. I don’t think there is anything wrong with singles. I don’t think marriage is a necessary thing to live in this era, but many people say that singles can be good. At the same time, who needs a man, or shouts that I just don’t want to, just stay with someone. Maybe it’s someone like me who has been suffering from a single mother’s body for a while. After a big death, people may have such read more