Why do men like to live together instead of marrying?

Cohabitation is not a new word. With the opening of sex, cohabitation is no longer a shun. People who live together are mostly young people, but they can be married in a proper way. Why do they live together without getting married? A large part of cohabitation is due to their own physiological needs. The purpose of cohabitation is from physiological needs. From a point of view, the concept of this post-cohabitation era is separated from the conventional cohabitation life with marriage as the read more

7 reasons why older women can’t marry

Nowadays, there are more and more older women in the society. They are in good condition and look good, but they are single and have not found the other half. I have reached the age of marriage, but I am not married. In the face of your own lifelong events, how can you not be anxious? Below, we will take a comprehensive inventory for everyone, and there are seven reasons why women can’t marry. 1. Women who admire freedom are very independent, and the reason they are left is too much to love read more

What are the things in the bed of a single woman late at night?

Lead: What do single women return to in their own homes? Are there any erotic sorrows? Maybe they are masturbating? Or maybe, some sex items are hidden in some corner of their room? These are guesses. Today, I will talk about the sexual model of a single woman. 2, fixed sexual partners: looking for a fixed sexual partner is currently the most suitable for single women’s sexual life, so this kind of privacy is relatively strong, but the safety index is not as high as expected. For example, read more

Sexual psychology: the reason for the singleness of a man and a woman

In modern society, the number of women who must be virgins before marriage is greatly reduced. It is not uncommon for women who have had a relationship with several men before marriage. On the other hand, although many men still hope that the women they are dealing with are virgins, they have realized that this is not possible in real life. Even so, men are still obsessed with women, always want to confirm that the other is a daughter. This is really difficult to do. The experienced man is another read more

Women must have professional protection during special periods

Women often receive a lot of preferential treatment in their lives. Of course, there are many times because they are beautiful, but it must be said that in addition to the pressure of life, Yaoyao faces various physiological problems. The length of women’s menstrual period is caused by many factors. Whether it is excessive dieting, whether uterine surgery has been done recently, whether taking certain drugs may cause menstrual delay, and there are many reasons for delaying menstruation. read more

Women are most eager for sex in these situations

In the eyes of men, most women are ashamed. Of course, except for Western women, if men want to have sex with oriental women, they usually need to do a lot of preparation work, such as creating a romantic atmosphere, such as preparing gifts for her. Happy. But what men don’t know is that when women have a desire for sex, they also want to say when they don’t reach orgasm, but they will be ashamed to express that if a man is dating with a favorite woman at this time, he must understand read more