Longan meat is a kind of fruit used by Chinese residents t

Longan meat is a kind of fruit used by Chinese residents to keep fit, and it is also a good blood supplement. After research, it is found that longan meat contains a lot of vitamins a, b, glucose and sucrose, but it is also extremely rich. The iron. There are many ways to eat longan meat, and among them, longan soup and longan wine have the most blood-supplying effect, so men with anemia may wish to eat longan meat.

6, longan meat

Cherry is rich in vitamin C, rich in iron and carotene, and has high content of fruit acid, minerals and potassium. Therefore, it is the best nourishing product for benefiting blood and nourishing the skin. It can effectively resist the formation of melanin and make the skin tender. White smooth, ruddy complexion, and promote the formation of the stratum corneum.

5, cherry

Jujube is rich in vitamins, fructose and various amino acids. Chinese medicine believes that red dates are warm, nourishing blood and blood, can improve blood circulation, and pharmacological studies have found that some ingredients contained in red dates can increase the content of red blood cells in the blood, enhance the function of bone marrow to make the face ruddy, red dates and longan With the combination, not only blood and nourishment, but also beauty.

4, red dates

However, Chinese medicine practitioners pointed out that due to the coldness of sugar cane, patients with spleen and stomach weakness should try to eat less sugar cane in their normal life, and choose other ways to supplement blood.

Sugar cane contains a lot of trace elements, including iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, etc., of which iron is the most abundant, up to nine milligrams per kilogram, and iron content ranks first in the fruit. Because of this, sugar cane has such a strong blood-supplying effect, and even has the reputation of blood-fruit.

3, sugar cane

It is also rich in zinc in pumpkin. This substance directly affects the function of mature red blood cells. It is also rich in iron in pumpkin. It is the basic trace element for making hemoglobin. These are the raw materials for blood.

If you want to enrich your blood, you may wish to eat more pumpkins in your daily life. This kind of food praised by the famous doctor of the Qing Dynasty, Chen Xiuyuan, as a “best of blood” has a good blood-supplying effect. Modern medical research has found that pumpkin contains a lot of vegetable protein, carotene, vitamins, essential amino acids, etc. In addition to cobalt, it is one of the important components of vitamin B12, which can help red blood cells in the blood. working normally.

2, pumpkin

Six kinds of fruits that are most suitable for men’s blood, men’s blood diet

In addition to the fresh grape has the effect of blood, in the absence of fresh grapes, you can also eat the raisins to achieve the effect of blood, raisins and blood is even stronger than fresh grapes.

Men with anemia should eat more grapes in their daily lives because they contain extremely rich calcium, phosphorus and iron nutrients, and they also contain the same rich variety of vitamins and amino acids. They are anemia. The tonic of patients and over-stressed people. In addition to anemia, men can eat more grapes, pregnant women can also eat grapes to achieve the purpose of blood, the right amount of edible grapes is not only beneficial to the fetus, but also to make pregnant women look ruddy.

1, grapes

Six kinds of fruits that are most suitable for men’s blood, men’s blood diet

Man’s blood food

In life, there are many fruits that can help men to supplement blood. Dietary health is not easy to be taken seriously, so all kinds of anemia will occur. Men are also anemia. The following small series introduces you to several kinds of foods suitable for men’s blood. Help you.