The above is the method of Xiaobian for everyon

The above is the method of Xiaobian for everyone to summarize the lower abdomen, I hope to bring some help to everyone, but it is worth noting that when the caesarean section mothers exercise, we must consider the direction of the knife edge, try not to pull the wound.
When exercising, sit on your back and sit up, but you can’t sit up completely. The upper body should be at an angle of 15 degrees to the ground. 30 groups are made 5 times a day, and the interval between each time should not exceed 1 minute. After the operation, gently massage the waist and abdomen.

8, supine half up

Half an hour after dinner, let the whole body face away from the wall, clamp the buttocks, and let the buttocks, back, legs, waist, head, neck, etc. stick to the wall as much as possible. At the beginning, you can hold the paper and take the paper. Will not fall down. After a few minutes, it will be very tired, the muscles will be sour, but you must stick to it and you will be liberated after 15 minutes.

7, against the wall after a meal

Sitting on the bench for practice, the two hands are separated from the shoulder width, and the barbell is lifted to the same height as the shoulder. Lift the barbell up until the arms are almost straight. Hold for a while and return to the beginning of the action. Repeat 20 times and rest for 30 seconds every two times. If it is inconvenient to carry a dumbbell sometimes, use a 500ml bottle filled with tap water.

6, shoulder jerk

Walking for half an hour to one hour a day, the intensity varies depending on the constitution, and it is generally appropriate to sweat slightly. As long as you persist for 3 weeks, you can see significant weight loss.

Walking after a meal is very helpful for slimming. Keep your chest up and take a big step, walking roughly 60 to 80 meters per minute. The upper limb should swing with the pace of the step, the line to go straight, do not bend left and right.

5, take a walk every day

Hold a pair of lightweight dumbbells with the elbows bent slightly and lift them over the top of the head. The back is straight and the body slowly bends as far as possible to the right. Hold for a while, return to the beginning of the movement, and then bend the body as far as possible to the left. Repeat 6 to 10 times on each side.

4, lateral bending

After the shower, do more abdominal massage, because the birth of the child, the intensity of the massage should be mastered, not too hard, do a circle massage around the navel, or gently sway the belly up and down, can help the abdomen after delivery.

3, abdominal massage

Sit on a bench with an adjustable angle and adjust the bench to a 45-degree angle to the ground. Lying down, head facing the floor, hooking the support rods of the bench. Take a solid ball in both hands over the chest. When you rise in the upper body, throw the ball straight up. Grab the ball and return to the beginning of the action, repeating 12 to 15 times.

2, throw the ball

After lifting your body 10 to 20 cm above the ground, tighten your abdominal muscles and pause for a while, then slowly lower your body back into place. When the back is on the ground, you can start the next cycle of action.

1, sit ups


After giving birth to a child, the stomach is obviously more than before. Are you worried that your body can’t be recovered? After the birth, the thin stomach has become the heart disease of the mothers. Here is a small series for everyone to introduce the method of quick thin stomach after childbirth. I believe everyone. As long as you keep exercising every day, it will be effective.