In addition to the way of medicine and di

In addition to the way of medicine and diet therapy, moderately sputum can promote the acupoints of the breast and the whole body, and also increase the amount of milk.
Effect: Tongmai lowering milk, replenishing spleen and stomach, suitable for women with weak blood and weak milk.

Practice: kill the fish, wash it, put it in the pot, add some water, add no seasoning, simmer for 1 hour, until the milky white fish soup appears, you can eat.

Material: 1 squid (about 1 kg and a half).

★Fresh squid soup

Effect: qi and nourishing, through the milk, suitable for women with lack of milk after childbirth.

Practice: pig’s feet are shaved and cleaned. After washing, put them in a saucepan with peanuts and soya beans. Cook them on low heat and season.

Ingredients: 2 pig feet, half a catty of peanuts, half a catty of soybeans.

★ yellow bean pig feet

In view of this, Chinese medicine practitioners specially designed two kinds of postpartum women who use pig’s feet, squid, peanut kernels, soybeans, etc., which are easy to prepare ingredients, have simple cooking methods, and take care of delicious and delicious milk-feeding medicated diets. reference:

Breastfeeding Mommy eats like this! 2 Food supplement diet helps lactation

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the amount of human milk is closely related to maternal spleen and stomach and blood stasis. “Fetal birth heart method” Zeng Yun, “Maternal rushing (mean) blood, spleen and stomach spleen is milky”, therefore, postpartum mommy wants to increase the amount of milk, in daily conditioning should be appetizing spleen, qi Nourishing blood is a priority.

What is the cause of insufficient milk?
It is very effective to massage 6 private acupoints to increase milk volume.

In order to make the baby have the best nutrition, more and more moms choose breastfeeding, which is to hope that the child can grow up healthily! However, for the inexperienced novice mommy, the breastfeeding process is not only hard and torturous, but also annoying. The problem of insufficient milk is even more sighing, but there is no solution. Chinese medicine practitioners said that in order to successfully increase the secretion of milk, it may be worthwhile to try to promote the secretion of milk by promoting the 6 large acupoints that help promote lactation.