4, keep the vulva clean, not for sexual intercou

4, keep the vulva clean, not for sexual intercourse. After the painless abortion, the uterus is not completely closed, and the endometrium has a repair process. During this time, special attention should be paid to keeping the genital area clean and hygienic. The sanitary napkins and underwear used should be washed frequently.
3, pay attention to rest, strengthen nutrition. After the operation, the patient should rest in the observation room for 1 hour according to the doctor’s advice. If there is no special situation, you can return home. After the painless abortion, you should rest in bed for 2~3 days. After that, you can get out of bed and gradually increase the activity time. Do not engage in heavy physical labor and cold water work for half a month after painless people to avoid cold; after painless abortion, you should eat more protein-rich foods such as fish, meat, eggs, and bean products. Fresh vegetables containing vitamins to speed up the recovery of the body.

2, after painless flow should pay attention to observe the vaginal bleeding, to prevent the disease from getting worse. If there is no discomfort, you can take care of the postoperative recovery after two weeks or one month after the menstrual recovery and then go to the hospital to review the routine examination of vaginal B-ultrasound and secretions. After abortion, vaginal bleeding for more than one week, and accompanied by symptoms of lower abdominal pain, fever, vaginal turbidity and odor, should go to the hospital for review and treatment.

1. There is low-grade fever on the first day after painless abortion. There are mild, paroxysmal abdominal pain and tend to relieve within 2~3 days after operation. There is a small amount of vaginal bleeding within one week after surgery, and there is no menstruation or surgery after one month. More menstruation within 2 to 3 months may be the normal condition after painless abortion.

Female post-flow considerations

5, on the day of abortion surgery, as prescribed by the doctor, fasting and drinking.

4, pre-operative gynecological examination, to understand the location and size of the uterus, determine the pregnancy month, rule out genital malformations.

3, before the flow of people need to assess vaginal cleanliness, conventional leucorrhea smear, secretion culture, to exclude vaginitis, cervicitis annexitis and other common reproductive infections are very important. Understand whether there are trichomoniasis and mold in the vagina, and if necessary, check for chlamydia, mycoplasma and gonococcal bacteria. If the above microorganisms are present, it is easy to cause ascending infection, and anti-infection and anti-inflammatory treatment should be carried out before the flow of people. Otherwise, the infection will be affected, and the embryo development will be affected in the future pregnancy, and the abortion will be induced.

2, before the flow of people need to B to determine the location, size of the embryo, exclude ectopic pregnancy, hydatidiform mole and other pathological pregnancy, improve the accuracy of surgery, reduce damage, prevent residue.

1. Active treatment of reproductive primary diseases before the flow of people to prevent complications and sequelae caused by the spread of postoperative infection. Systemic medication combined with topical treatment can shorten preoperative preparation time. Before doing abortion surgery, be sure to check for gynecological inflammation. If there is any, you must cure the inflammation before you can do abortion. If the situation is urgent, you must first reduce the inflammation through treatment. After the abortion surgery, thoroughly treat it. Don’t care.

What to pay attention to before doing the flow of people

In fact, abortion at the best time of the drug flow can not guarantee a 100% success rate, and the success rate of the general drug flow is only 75%. If a woman is privately ill at home, she does not have a drug flow under the guidance of a doctor, and her 75% success rate will be greatly reduced.

The optimal time for drug flow is generally within 49 days of pregnancy. If this time is exceeded, it is best to take other methods of abortion.

3, the best time for drug flow

If the induction of labor fails, it is necessary to use the forceps to scrape the embryo and the placenta uterus directly. The operation is risky, and it is easy to cause cervical damage and increased bleeding during the operation, and also increases the risk of infection, uterine injury and postoperative intrauterine adhesions. Therefore, if the unintended pregnancy is intended to terminate the pregnancy, try to implement it within 2 months of pregnancy.

The best time for people to flow is usually 9 weeks before pregnancy, but to determine how long the pregnancy can be a flow of people, but also to refer to some preoperative results. However, if the embryo is too large and even grows out of the bone, it can’t be sucked out with the largest straw. At this time, the hospital can only be induced by drugs or water bladders, and the embryos and most of the placentas are discharged.

2. When is the best time for people?

can. The best time for people to flow is 35 to 55 days, and two months of pregnancy is the best time to be successful. Because the pregnancy is not large, the uterus of the woman is not large, the operation will reduce the risk relatively, the fetus and the placenta have not yet fully formed. At this time, the time for abortion is relatively short, the bleeding is less, and the recovery is easier. The impact will not be serious. However, it must be noted that the mobile phone needs to go to a regular large hospital. After all, there is a certain risk, and there may be sequelae, so we must choose carefully.

1. Can I be a person for 2 months of pregnancy?


The termination of pregnancy by manual or medical means within 3 months of pregnancy is called termination of early pregnancy and can also be called abortion. Some women don’t have any signs during pregnancy. When they find out that they have been pregnant for 2 months, can they still be a person for 2 months?