What should I do if I have a bad mood with my husband?

What should I do if I have a bad mood with my husband? The bed and the bed between the husband and wife quarreled at the end of the bed, but if you have been in depression for a long time, you have to find a way to improve the relationship. Here are some suggestions for you. How to do it with my husband? 1. How can the husband and wife not quarrel between each other? Sometimes it’s not a good thing to make a noise, and the dissatisfaction of the heart is vented. After that, the two will still change their own problems. 2, hello couples quarrel is very normal, do not be in a bad mood, no one said, I will always, no husband and wife who can not quarrel is impossible to exist. 3, husband and wife still have to communicate well, if not good communication will increase the contradiction. 4. If there are any problems with the couple, it is better to use language to communicate. Quarrels can’t solve any problems. Instead, they will be more and more noisy and more serious. 5. If you are in a bad mood, you can go out and take a breath. Shopping to vent your mood. 6. In fact, I personally think that the most important thing for two people to be together is to understand each other and then communicate with each other so that the number of quarrels can be reduced. 7. It’s just a matter of two people who are going to communicate slowly, relax, don’t think about something unhappy. 8. It is normal for both husband and wife to quarrel. Sometimes quarreling is not necessarily a bad thing. However, the quarrel between husband and wife must be reconciled as soon as possible. If the delay is too long, causing a cold war, the damage to the couple’s feelings is very great, so I suggest you Try to find a way to reconcile with your husband as soon as possible. Secondly, to solve the upset caused by quarrels, it will naturally disappear with your reconciliation. Finally, I want to say: If you want to get along with each other, you must do it. : Inclusive, understanding, support and trust. This is the secret of long-lasting marital relations. The most taboo between husband and wife is mutual speculation and mutual blame, and then there is no reason to make trouble. Remember. 9, there are couples who do not quarrel. Ken will stay with you and always be the one who loves you. Just calm down and think about whether it is your own fault. No matter who is wrong, someone must take a step back. If you love him, let’s put aside your face! 10, the husband and wife need to be accommodating, tolerant, and tolerant, calmly analyze the cause of the incident, wait for the husband to dissipate, talk to him well, if it is his fault , to point out. If it is your own fault, Be brave enough to admit your mistakes. After quarreling with the husband and a good way to take the initiative to find the steps and after the husband and the husband quarreled, the quarrel has been noisy, since the heart of the heart has already come out, then the mind will calm down, the days have to continue Ah, I have to review it myself at this time. Why did I get angry? Did I make a mistake? I didn’t hurt my husband’s heart. I made a mistake, hurt my husband’s heart, and bowed my head to admit my mistake. I can choose a suitable place. For example: together with coffee, do not care about your face, in front of my husband you are still scruples. After quarreling, you can show your husband to show your attitude. As for the way you can show, you can choose your own. For example, you can make a good meal for your husband and collect his stomach. You can also buy a gift for him, warm his heart; watch a football match with his husband. Wait, don’t believe that he doesn’t forgive you. If it is a big quarrel, you can also find a parent to discuss, let parents to preside over justice, to mediate the contradictions between the two sides. But this contradiction should not be repeated again next time. After quarreling, my wife should never take a runaway, no matter how much you are angry. Don’t come to this trick. No matter where you are, let your husband know that this is a matter of principle. Don’t play with the loss. Move everyone’s heart.