How to judge whether she wants in the intercourse

Everyone has sexual needs, especially between husband and wife. If you want sex to be more perfect, you need to be motivated by many factors. Usually, men’s sexual needs are relatively straightforward, and if they want to, they will show attitudes; while women are more subtle in this respect, unlike men. Because of the psychological characteristics, when faced with sexual needs, they are often more shy or implicit, often using hints to suggest. Therefore, in the face of the wife’s various sexual cues, the husband must be very careful, and timely capture the sexual signals sent by his wife, in order to make sex more perfect. Xiao Bian recommended: “Seduce” the man’s secret under the night how the “sexual blessing” is so beautiful, what is the woman’s sexual suggestion? For example, if your wife suddenly tells the truth The husband who is watching TV, I am going to sleep. But she usually does not report to you before going to bed, then this sentence is equal to the signal of sexual love to you, please go to bed too. Therefore, when the wife has a similar move, she must not ignore it, let alone continue to watch TV and let her go to sleep. Such a move is often easy to sweep. At this point, you should immediately realize that your wife has a sexual need tonight. In addition, for “Let’s have a rest early tonight”, “You’d better take a shower and go to bed tonight”, “My vacation is over”, “You don’t go out tonight”… Similar words should be noted, very It may be the signal of sex, and the husband must understand the wife’s mind. The above is what we call the language suggestion, and in addition to the language hints, there are many ways to suggest behavior. A wife who is used to sleeping in underwear or pajamas is very sexy when she goes to bed one night, and looks at her husband with special eyes, or asks her husband to help her body when she takes a bath at home. All these behaviors indicate that the wife has sexual requirements. Or when you suddenly become very gentle, or when you are more sticky, you should also pay attention to this, which is often the sexual signal she sends. If you can catch it, then it must be a stunned night tonight. Of course, in addition to sexual cues, there will be sexual rejection, and husbands should understand. After all, people’s sexual desires are different, and sexual needs are different, especially men and women, often when the husband has sexual desire, the wife has no sexual desire. Or when the wife has sexual desire, the husband has no sexual desire. Then, if you have sexual desire, how can you know if she also has sexual desire? (Source: Netease-Women Channel) Guess you like: 6 recruiting couples to rekindle sexual desires, old husband, wife, sex life, more content, please pay attention to fly China Health and Sex Channel: