What are the things in the bed of a single woman late at night?

Lead: What do single women return to in their own homes? Are there any erotic sorrows? Maybe they are masturbating? Or maybe, some sex items are hidden in some corner of their room? These are guesses. Today, I will talk about the sexual model of a single woman. 2, fixed sexual partners: looking for a fixed sexual partner is currently the most suitable for single women’s sexual life, so this kind of privacy is relatively strong, but the safety index is not as high as expected. For example, when you are on phone sex, the other party makes a malicious recording; or when video sex is sneaked by the other party and spread to the Internet, you can “make up overnight”! 3, sex products: For people without a sexual partner, it is normal to buy and use sex products masturbation. Proper use of some masturbation methods to solve the desire for sex can alleviate mental stress. However, doctors warned that sex products must be soft, clean, and regularly disinfected to ensure hygiene. It is particularly noteworthy that you should not pick up those weird sex products for the pursuit of excitement or pleasure. Otherwise, the husband will not be able to meet his own requirements after remarriage. The sexual life of a single woman 1. Safety is the most important. Unless you are pregnant, you will always have a “safe” appliance and will love your body to be a good woman. 2, admit your own sexual requirements, but not promiscuity, to find a man who knows each other and love each other, two happy. 3. When choosing a partner, a man with a family should be a minefield that does not want to get involved. Don’t hurt other people’s families. Don’t build your own happiness on the suffering of others. 4, respect each other’s sexual feelings: Do not despise his sexual ability, express care and love in the best way, share sexual experience, keep the sexual secrets between the two, never reveal the other’s scars. 5, do not simply take “sex” to take people, no matter what the reason for single, the emotional relationship based on sexual relationship is psychologically and physiologically the most to satisfy women. 6. Necessary fortification, if it is not your favorite person, don’t have dinner with him alone. If you are not prepared to have sex with him, don’t promise to go to his place to sit down. Women will always have the right to say no, but refuse to be nice. . Sexual views of 10 single women 1. Single life knows bitterly. The biggest advantage is freedom, but in the holidays, my heart is always empty. In particular, the mental decline is very fast and it is easy to get tired. But I am also very helpless. I can’t just go to bed with someone, which is against the principle of being a man. 2, sex is like eating for me, sex and love are two different things. Single women are inseparable from sex, and women without sex are unhealthy. I am still looking for someone I love, but this is not the same as sex. 3. Now I am single, true single, and have not had sex for 3 years. I don’t want to live with anyone, everyone has aspirations. I only go to bed with someone I love. I feel that a single woman without sex is not shameful. 4, long time no love of the opposite sex, I feel that I have a skin hunger, eager to touch. In fact, there are too many extravagant hopes. I just want a man who is understanding and gently hugs. When he needs it, he can be lazy on him. But where is the man looking for it? 5. I met a boy in the interview, we are always together, let the body feel completely released. that’s nice. But we never stayed together overnight. After the passion, no matter how late, I insisted that he leave. After sex, when rationality comes back, if he is still in my bed, I will hate myself and look down on myself. 6. The most embarrassing thing that a single person needs to deal with is his own physical needs. Everyone can’t ignore the needs of their bodies. I am also a normal woman. Why can’t I have sex? My boss is very good to me. He knows, I won’t cry and want to marry him. We often open a room in the hotel, every time, I It is very invested, and at that time it was an idea to satisfy the body. 7, every time at home alone, I will go online, chat with those lonely men, and some feel good, and occasionally meet and eat. Feel better, you can go to bed. Sex is just a simple question for me. What I want is to satisfy my needs. 8. I met a tall rock musician in the bar. He was very good in bed. Sometimes we would lie in bed all day, making love crazy. I like energetic men. Others say that I am a person who knows how to enjoy, but I am still a person who knows how to work hard. Life is actually the process of experience. I don’t want to be entangled in complicated relationships between men and women, or simply to be good. 9. I have had a marriage and now I am free. I think that sex is not only a pleasure, but also a sense of self-confidence and security. It is completely personal. At least I feel that I am a normal person. So, before I find a suitable marriage partner, I have to find a sexual partner for myself. 10. In terms of sex life, we are a good partner. Under my patient guidance, his efforts in bed are getting higher. Of course, this is also the reason why he is attracted to me. I need him to be young and full. Physical strength, he needs my skillful experience. I have restored my normal sex life as before. It has brought me a very good attitude and made me feel that life is still very good. <<<Oral: The feeling of the private part when there is strong sexual desire