Why do men like to live together instead of marrying?

Cohabitation is not a new word. With the opening of sex, cohabitation is no longer a shun. People who live together are mostly young people, but they can be married in a proper way. Why do they live together without getting married? A large part of cohabitation is due to their own physiological needs. The purpose of cohabitation is from physiological needs. From a point of view, the concept of this post-cohabitation era is separated from the conventional cohabitation life with marriage as the ultimate destination. The real purpose of their life is only due to the physiological needs of both parties. Then live together! And abandon the most basic ethical constraints in life! This cohabiting lifestyle is not worth promoting! Because it is purely for sex and not for future life. Life is an act of game life and indifference to love. It must be condemned by morality! Then we open up the topic and analyze the viewpoints of the post-cohabitation era that only cohabitation and not marriage! There is not much responsibility for cohabitation when cohabiting. In terms of responsibility, it is reasonable to be responsible. First of all, because of the new cohabitation era, they finally come together to have a clear purpose, that is, the standard of life without marriage is the standard; when this choice is used as a criterion for cohabitation, it is lacking. In the marriage life, there should be a responsibility for both parties, and there is no responsibility for cohabitation. If you want to get together, you want to get together, you want to be scattered, you don’t care who is who you are; you can’t talk about the obligations and rules of men and women living together. Constraint, a lack of necessary responsibility for life, is an escape from the real marriage life! The kind of mutual support, mutual consideration, mutual warmth and human care that are proud of both sides are gone at this moment. Hey; how much sincerity can be said when this life is the ultimate goal, it is nothing more than living for the needs of the physiological needs! Cohabitation is to meet their own needs here, can not tell who is using who, use A deeper look to see through is to satisfy the physiological needs of the self! But when there is a lack of love in life, there is more pure sex. Meaning it! This is one of those cohabiting women, and there is only love of love is completely contrary to the view, this approach can only say that the future is not responsible for the attitude of his life, the majority is bound to be full of tears! Men’s cohabitation is not married because there is no love, there is no real love for that woman, or although it is like, but it has not risen to the point of love, just like it, or to join together and talk about it. Although I like it, I still don’t like the point where I can marry her. I am already familiar with it. I am familiar with it and I have no feelings. I can’t afford it because my heart always thinks about the so-called love that can come back to the scene, and my temporary physiology. Need to be inseparable from the woman. Men have cohabitation women as “alternatives”. With other ideas, they have a clear “attack” goal, but they have not succeeded. Therefore, they will drag on and say that if the attack is successful, they can “change the post” and fail. The ready-made woman is the alternate wife. Waiting-seeking, such a man, is eating a pot and looking at the bowl, to see if other people’s wife or woman is good, that is, his girlfriend is not good, always feel that if married, there is no choice. Opportunity, I am afraid that I will suffer or regret in the future. There are already other women outside, just because the past feelings or girlfriends are so good to him, not to say goodbye. Sixth, for the so-called study or career, because in the future, if you have a successful career or a career, you will have a lot of choices. Now you will get married. If you encounter a better one, you will not be able to deal with it. .