Of course, if you can’t swim, there are a lot of s

Of course, if you can’t swim, there are a lot of sports to do, such as walking, yoga during pregnancy. Pregnancy should choose the appropriate exercise mode and intensity according to your physical condition.
What about pregnant mothers who can’t swim?

Cervical insufficiency and so on.

Persistent vaginal bleeding;

Placenta previa

Multiple pregnancy

Premature birth;

Premature rupture of membranes;

Have complications during pregnancy, such as pregnancy and high blood;

Although swimming read more

Therefore, from the production princip

Therefore, from the production principle of pregnant women’s radiation suits and expert testing experiments, we can know that the answer to pregnant women’s radiation suits is really useful.
China Consumers Association

(2). China Consumers Association. In 2016, the China Consumers Association conducted a test on the radiation protection suit for pregnant women on the market in order to further help consumers to answer the question “ Where is the radiation protection suit for read more

Therefore, pregnant women can eat per

Therefore, pregnant women can eat persimmons, but not to eat more, it is recommended to eat one a day, no more than two. At the same time, pay attention to the contraindications of persimmons.
However, if you eat too much persimmon, you will feel the sputum and numbness. It is easy to dry stools. When it meets acid, it will condense into pieces and combine with protein to produce sediment. In the long run, it will cause stones.

The second persimmon has a laxative effect, which can help relieve read more

hemical soup, it is not suitable for all maternity

However, whether it is motherwort or biochemical soup, it is not suitable for all maternity women. It is necessary to take medicine after childbirth. It should be chosen according to the constitution and listen to the doctor’s advice if necessary.
For postpartum women who are afraid of cold, cold abdominal pain, and dark blood, the TCM syndrome is a postpartum abdominal pain caused by blood deficiency, blood stasis and cold. Biochemical soup: 24 grams of all Angelica, 9 read more

For pregnant mommy, adequate rest is a mu

For pregnant mommy, adequate rest is a must, and only when the body is relaxed, the internal organs can rest well. If the body and mind are too tired, it will increase the burden on the liver,


heart and kidneys, and even cause endocrine disorders. Therefore, pregnant mommy must measure her physical tolerance, maintain proper workload and rest enough to help her pregnancy smoother.

8th stroke ? fully relax and rest

If you have to sit for a long time or stand for a long time, and worry about your read more

7. Psychological intervention: There are

7. Psychological intervention: There are psychological and work pressures, timely seeking psychologists to relieve anxiety and depression during pregnancy.
6. Watch comedy and thriller at night, couples get along with each other and stop thinking before going to bed.

5. Frequent urination will affect the quality of sleep, so do not drink too much water or soup before going to sleep.

4. Keep the bedroom ventilated, do not open the air conditioning time for too long, you can blow the electric read more