My wife changed my opinion about love.

Sometimes, after being injured once, I began to live unfit for love. I feared the arrival of it and became more worried. So anything related to love was blocked outside my world. Since the second loss of love, I lost confidence in love. At that time, I just graduated from college, and I was very dexterous in obedience. Correct. I have been in love with my girlfriend for two years, and I have stepped out of the campus with a beautiful desire. I said that after one year of graduation, pick her up read more

You are the praise of the marriage or the bad judge

Everyone will eventually step into a marriage, or look forward to, or yearn for. However, how to run a marriage has always been a course we continue to learn. Today, I want to tell you: in marriage, have you done the “likes” or “bad appraisers”? Xiao Bian recommended: Black sex time, couples need to be wary of how couples love how to do it forever Friends L and P, although they are different from one man to one woman, they have two things in common: First, they are especially read more

When will the “nightmare” marriage end?

Why are men so unreliable? I have been wondering why my luck is such a bad choice for such a man? I used to think that he was good, but now I think about it, I was there. How stupid, how stupid. For the sake of children, maintaining empty shell marriages is too much, too chaotic, and too complicated. I don’t know when to say it. Let’s start from the first time my husband derailed. It was 2003, and the child just turned 3 years old. I used to be very confident. I feel that we are deeply read more

Sexual performance of husband and wife in different periods

Sexual intercourse is the most direct and optimal way to satisfy sexual desire. In the process of intercourse, the two sexes have an indescribable psychological experience. This kind of experience is very subtle and magical. With the first experience, I look forward to the second time. This leads to the irresistible charm of the two sexes, which makes the sex life long-lasting and often new. This experience of sexual intercourse brings satisfaction, happiness, and happiness to people, and promotes read more

10 misunderstandings that make Chinese marriage anxious

Chinese marriage is in a hurry, what is it related to? Is it a sexual life disharmony? Or is it unhappy after marriage? Here are 10 misconceptions that affect the stability of marriage. Misconception 1: Marriage brings more benefits to men than women: Contrary to many previous reports, recent surveys show that marriage brings the same benefits to men and women, but only in different ways. Because of marriage, both men and women will live longer, be happy, and be richer. Most family husbands earn read more

How do women feel about their first sexual life?

Women’s feelings about their first sexual life are positive and negative, which is closely related to the feelings of both sides. That is to say, although most women will bleed for the first time, there will be different degrees of pain, but because of the good feelings of both sexes, women will regard this experience as an obligation and thus have a sense of belonging; And if the relationship between the two sides is not good, it will aggravate the feeling of disgust. First, the first experience read more