Why do women prefer to wear men with sleeves?

Whenever you talk about sex, you can’t avoid mentioning another topic, that is, contraception. It seems that sex and contraception are tied together. In fact, this is the case. As long as you have sex, you will have contraception. Exist, however, men and women have different views on condoms. Men think that wearing condoms can affect the pleasure of sex, while women believe that condoms are a manifestation of safety, so they are more keen on wearing men. sexual intercourse. I remember that read more

Why do women clearly want but not take the initiative?

In life, we always see such a scene: the wife concentrates on watching the TV series, the man snuggles beside his wife, expounding his desire for love; this is Xiaobian who can’t help but wonder: why couple sex life is often Initiated by men, women will be passive, will not take the initiative to ask? I believe many of my friends have the same questions. So, let the sex health experts come to a detailed analysis today, why women will be like this. Experts pointed out that the reason why couples’ read more

When you are in the house, she actually wants to do this.

Women have a deeper feeling in sexual life. This is the real experience that sex gives them. Sexual life will bring us a certain pleasure. This ultimate pleasure is the root cause of our constant desire. Sex can add brilliance to our lives and make a little fun in the plain life. This is the best way to regulate life. Not every time a sex woman has to reach a climax. Men are always very concerned about whether women have reached a climax. In fact, for women, the phenomenon of not feeling the orgasm read more

The four mentalities of the older “leftover men” who don’t want to get married

Some time ago, a female friend of mine had just found a boyfriend. Her boyfriend had a car and had a room, but her age was a little older than him. She was thirty years old. But when my female friend mentioned that he was married to him, the man suddenly evaporated from the human world, and my female friend was very hurt. I have not adjusted my mood until now. According to common sense, a man is 30 years old and should have reached the age of becoming a family. But why don’t he want to get read more

Why do women want to have strong sexual intercourse during the physiological period?

Many women have high sexual desire during menstruation, which is very confusing for some partners, so why women have strong sexual desire during the physiological period, including the increase of estrogen in the body, and the cause of pelvic congestion, for women during menstruation What to do with strong libido, let us introduce it today. Why women have strong sexual desire during the physiological period, increased pelvic congestion during menstruation, and pelvic congestion during sexual excitement. read more

Do men and women need to drink water before going to house?

Do you need to drink water? Couples consume a lot of water during their sexual life. But in fact, drinking water is also stressful. Couples learn to “drink water” before and after sex, can improve each other’s sexual welfare index. The benefits of drinking water before sex 1. Adding water, making people feel better sex is like a physical exercise. If the body is in a state of water shortage, it will affect the energy supply and the discharge of metabolites, and even lead to loss read more